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  1. splitting the game physics and drawing/rendering is a good idea: http://kirbysayshi.com/2013/09/24/interpolated-physics-rendering.html although probably more hassle than simply applying a choke. But - hey - what do I know..?
  2. Jack, the readables editor in DR has always caused me problems. Often this manifests as things becoming "unfrobbable" after trying to read the thing you made using DR's readable editor. Making everything manually and writing the files yourself can resolve any issues (in particular, the xd files - placing prefab readables without using the editor appears to work more often than not): http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Readables http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=XData_File_Creation It's not as complicated as it might appear. // if you open the game console (for me, bound to ctrl+alt+` <-- left of 1 at top), what are the messages that are displayed after you frob the readable..? // also if you want to be flash and make it easy for localisation/translations (that for some reasons is now called "internationalization" on the wiki..: http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Internationalization - use #str // also - there's inconsistency between Americanization and Americanisation in the article. I'm not gonna change it. Just pointing it out - the title is Americanized, the content remains the proper spelling // well... I learned something new today: https://www.w3.org/International/questions/qa-i18n
  3. http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/18708-bugs-with-update-to-205-strange-physics/?p=415315 Explanation as to why - good luck fixing the physics over 60fps. //assume refresh rate of monitor is 60/59hz therefore fps w/vsync will be same.
  4. Thanks for saying that Obs - I've been trying to get them to understand that it's probably the model and definition that's the problem here, but they won't listen.
  5. Of course I've updated since 2010... Wait, you know what: Forget I said a thing. Just forget I exist.
  6. If you've used OSx and bash, certain linux will feel intuitive. Regardless, it does require RTFI in many instances. Mint Zorrin Ubunt(ewww) Elementary All good starters. If you can run VMware - test it out - use a torrent download (lot faster than the website transfers) and something like oracle virualbox is simple (make sure to get right image for setup - or make sure it is set for linux x64/x86 on setup) http://www.osboxes.org/vmware-images/ Personal recommendation is Kali or Hackintosh for alternative to Windows. Kali, steep learning curve (that said, there's often a GUI alternative for most things, but will need terminal for escalated privs, switches, grab the bare-bones, etc..), hackintosh, pain the arse to set up. (I can't use most adobe software as easily nor play most of my steam library on anything but windows - tools for the job). // also its great fun to install weird OS or win 95 VM and get scammers to connect and try to fix it before playing along, subscribing to their "security" and persuading them they need to copy the file, "online banking security check.exe" from your desktop that is a RAT with redirect to fake banking site where they have to enter their paypal details and then trash their machine / syskey. // (not that I'd ever do that).
  7. Good luck with the fx5900 unless you are gonna be using a 2010 version of ubuntu (no support for legacy now - not compatible with xorg): http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux-display-ia32-173.14.31-driver.html That's the driver you want. Hope you have on-board gpu to use and install card later.
  8. At least our country isn't run by a warmongering dictator. Defamation law is there mostly for rich people and to prevent slanderous lies and misinformation regarding invidividuals - you are allowed to defame someone, say/print what you like, "heh, Pete's a homo, racist, gangster and killed people in their sleep"... but if I can prove none of this is true and it has cost me not only my reputation as a straight, not-racist, law abiding citizen - that particular law is my defense against people doing such a thing, if anyone were to take it seriously and their statements regarding my character caused me any issue such as - "you're fired, you homo, racist murdering gang-banger". That's when I could bring discrimination law into it... because I'm allowed to be a homophobic homosexual racist and have been ordered to take a life in "defense" of the realm - the politics of which is basically one big gang-bang. Plus they'd have to prove I was even in a gang. Case dismissed, gimmie mah cheddah, yo.
  9. Springheel, the IWO errors were mostly caused by new LOD system and some AI. Removing models in DR, reload and replace has fixed. Thanks.
  10. si code 1 = task performed successfully but with error? projectile weapons, eg, arrows, don't have LOD, afaik. Therefore do not believe it is the arrows causing issue: LOD: Supported entity types: Models that don't move (i.e. func static models)From TDM v 2.03: Animated models like waving flags and laundry (i.e. anything with spawnclass idAnimated)AIAnimated attachments to AI If you have created your arrows (or any other player inventory) as LOD model and they are not func_static or animated - this may be a cause for your error. Unless you have misused func_portal to do window /fog trick with visportal via LOD. /* if its any cosolation - it is the LOD system that has messed me up a few times too with IWO errors. These have been addressed by deleting the models [in DR] and correctly reloading. Although, for me - it was AI only - not entity based upon atdm:weapon_base */ps, there's a whole section on pendulums in the wiki somewhere. looping spline using func_mover requires scripting (eg, while) as used in example here:
  11. UK has had a "1st ammendement" since 1689, which covered only freedom of speech for parliamentary officials (not citizens or serfs/proles). He wouldn't be arrested - due to the havar being construed as a negative right to freedom of expression under the common law. This is part of article 10 of the European convention and guarantee of freedom of expression under the Human Rights Act. There is ambiguity to the law as there are exceptions that might include threatening, abuse or behaviour that causes harassment or distress, a breach of the peace - such as prohibition of racist speech and related rallies / protests. This "upgrades" the offense to indecent or gross offense with intent or incitement to cause distress of anxiety, usually used in hate speech against race or religion or towards acts of terrorism. Believe there was also some treason if it involved the crown (as in state, and monarchy), that may have been abolished by section 72 of justice act 2009, that continued to cover obscenities (often overlooked, unless you push it), indecency causing corruption of public morals and outrage of public decency. Especially if it is not a first offence (eg, Abu Hamza's hate speech vs English, which was tolerated for a long time before he was nicked or C18 rallies, which usually turn into brawls with people rrested for violence and additionally charged with hate speech). While UK may have the strictest laws on defamation - prosecution requires an exceptionally high burden of proof. The guy in the video, as he is "teaching" does not fall under this category, due to the Education (no.2) act 1986 of UK defamation law. Video Recordings Act 2010 only requires that it contain BBFC (censorship) certificate. We still allow Family Guy and Southpark to play uncensored with its anti-Semitic and "hate-crime" jokes and stereotypes. Defamation Act 2013 was the reformation of such act. Do not believe it changes much except for the right to protection of reputation. I hear plenty of racism and hate-speech in my town (of 11,000 people with ... 3 black guys, 4 chinese, 2 Turkish, a few Russians and a dozen Indian and Pakistanis, plus many Europeans and Eastern Europeans (ex-soviet bloc) every single day. If no-one's around to witness the hate crime, then does the hate crime exist? It's funny to see US ideology applied to UK law. // it's a part of brexit they ain't clarified yet. // oh - the other thing that cuffs us is: you can't talk to jurors about the crime. That's a big no-no.
  12. I prefer to install off USB, not CD (can't remember the last time I opened it... except to rip a music CD) - same difference - perhaps you BIOS supports it. It is faster. Once you get into installer for your linux / ubuntu: Unmount any hard disc. There will be a an option on the ubuntu install to either, "create alongside windows installation" or "replace windows" or "Something Else". Choose "Something Else" - this will allow you to create a new partition, resize existing one or choose one you've left empty. Now you see the partition table - choose the windows partition (not the one that says, "loader"), change reduce the size so there is enough free space left (10-20gb) for temp/swap/etc. % varies on side of disc, but aim for around 1/3rd of ntfs partition reduction. Assign at least 40gb for ubuntu. Choose device for boot loader as same as windows Mbr if possible (/dev/sda). Next, when prompted, choose empty dev/sda space you just made as partition for ubuntu install. Create partition for swap (at least 512mb - best to set swap size for more than physical memory in order to use hibernation,, primary, beginning of space, swap area). Create partition for root (10-20gb, logical, beginning of space, Ext4). Create partition for /home (same as windows "users", assign size, logical, beginning, Ext4). Can also create partition for /boot /tmp and /var. /boot is 100-500mb, tmp & var >5gb each. Typical basic install will look: /dev/sda /dev/sda1 swap - size ~510mb, unchecked format box - used "unknown" /dev/sda5 Ext4, mount /, size 19998mb, checked format box - used "unknown" dev/sda6 Ext4/reiserfs, mount /home, size "whatever" checked format box - used "unknown". Device for boot loader install: /dev/sda (you disc here xxx.x gb) Recommend to put root & boot (if using boot) onto primary Mbr disc. Home can be anywhere, really... If you don't mind "sacrificing" a disc - then wipe it and devote to new OS. Might be that the problem you are suffering is hardware related - perhaps with windows installation disc or RAM issue. Kali offers good support for hardware, but is iffy about a few thing, such as wireless chipsets (if you wish to perform such things as mitm or network sniffing: https://www.kali.org/downloads/ - otherwise, it's a good platform for general use. Prefer it to mint - test any linux on VM ware to get a feel before commitment, I reckon) which probably don't apply to every user.
  13. ElZoido - probably video memory. -- here: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/19059-linux-black-screen-on-startup/ "I installed 'libtxc-dxtn-s2tc0:i386', and changed the 'seta sys_videoRam' from "0" to "256". I can now see the Main Menu and get into the 'Training Mission'."
  14. I simply loaded the startmap, downloaded from the wiki. I've never used anything but stock assets in builds. Any textures and materials I do have were to be added as replacement after blackbox test for FM. Sorry you read it as an accusation. I'm too tired to contine argument for semantics, today. Will try to find a map with missing models and IWO errors next time.
  15. Accusation is incorrect word to use - what was presented was an opinion. That is not an insinuation nor accusation.
  16. hmmm dropbox? I'll double check to make sure it still works. Might need fixing as it's a few versions old. /* just read this: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/17456-player-voice-over-spawnarg/page-4?do=findComment&comment=415258 gonna wait until those guys have finished doing whatever it is and see what happens - plus I don't like hearing her voice - it's painful. So would prefer to have someone else speak the lines - i'll practise my falsetto */
  17. Got sidetracked by quick AE job. OK: History now, I guess - things get deleted. or moved - based upon previous interactions. De nada. Computer goes off and it's gone. Only matters here... Ok - thanks for the explanation wrt to camera. Big missions is the problem. I can't keep up with things. Understand your reasons behind cutting hours. May not be the same, but still there are limits on time that can be allocated... Just... don't want to add to the pile of things that are already the same but slightly different. I feel that many missions are becoming repetitive and stale in that they kind of preclude replayablity, but the game certainly looks and runs a lot better. Again, my problem. Do not mean to cause offence or diminish anyone's work, as I know how much time and effort it takes to make any assets or an FM for TDM (or anything that's not a bunch of people sitting next to each other in the same building that have to deal with each other face-to-face and meet deadlines and get paid). TDM is capable of performing some very interesting things that have not been implemented in any mission I've yet seen. It would be a massive shame if the principle of "anyone can make a mission" ends up being "anyone can make a variation of this one particular mission that we've all played 100x". Maybe that's because I've played many of the missions so much that I would say this, though... Perhaps a solution is to release individual missions and then collect as larger missions update, aiming for update to campaign on completion of first / final mission. But that'd mean doing them all in order... OK np. I don't think it's worth the hassle, Springheel. I'll do a reformat of Darkmod drive and reinstall everything instead. Clean slate when you have finalised 2.06 after getting back from the augmented reality rules / VR sucks and shooting automatic rifles thing end of next Jan. Just backup a few maps and scripts for reference, or copy the text from map file and script to notes if not done already. The improvements to certain things, sure. I do not want to publish test maps - that is a big spoiler. I don't mind concept demos through video, but the mechanics behind it remain obfuscated until it's complete - then anyone can use it because I know wtf I'm talking about with some authority and working knowledge. Thanks for teaching me how to suck eggs. I have no idea about software development cycles or game engines. Thanks for putting words in my mouth. That statement is completely misconstrued. No-one has said anyone "should" take responsibility for anything, except you. I don't think people should use the words "should" or "shouldn't" because they are absolute and inflexible. "might be better because" or "it could be a good idea to not" are more flexible alternatives. It's called NLP. Used to date a negotiator for the UN. Doesn't provoke hostile reaction / attempt to pull off high horse. Do I dictate how you work..? Not all of us have OCD. How exactly are graphic and sound updates "game changers"? Will it affect any of the core game mechanics or playstyles available to anyone..? I left a note in the other thread about why idtech and some other engines are capped for physics - you can put a dress and lipstick on a pig, but it's still not going to improve its chances of getting a date. This is probably the most sensible statement in the whole thread. OK - I missed the boat. On several occasions. I've only taken thedarkmod.com down once with a basic synflood[!!!] (and that was a simple fix by a restart - could've done some serious damage...), because the previous host had such terrible security and to demonstrate how knocking out that one server showed centralisation is a weakness - and I admitted to that (several months later...). If you remember, I offered to pay for new hosting and suggested a few options on how the site could pay for its own hosting, similar to how [another games site] evolved before it was sold out by the individual to a corporation, because it was turning a profit and became a commodity of value - yet still offered all the games for free - but it had already been transferred by Greebo or someone. Ultimately - what would be nice is if development deadlines were more transparent for anyone who wishes to contribute to TDM so there's the ability to plan ahead with anything that might take a very long time... This way, it would be easier to plan and manage for us peons left in the dark, with an out-dated wiki (that I really wish I could do more to help with, but I can't), who would like to help by providing content for the game for players to play the game. As a quick example - if I had known that there was need for a sprint to finish off a particular mechanic to put into a mission for a version and I was unable to meet it... It would have been possible to shift focus onto something achievable, before returning to, eg, the camera system, if/when it was fixed. If I had known a while in advance that it was planed that movers would not cause damage - I'd've made sure to have added some damage at the time, rather than face the prospect of either rebuilding an entire FM or going back through every single entity to check it all. But - the words "train left the station, anything not on it - wait for the next one" are the only ones that matter here. That's what it comes down to. I just need to devote more time, work faster, "should" work in a certain manner, go back in time to catch up or smash my head into the wall repeatedly in the hopes that I cause enough brain damage to become an idiot savant, specialising in TDM mapping. Got it. I think the "more time, time builds between updates (and actually submit them rather than work to improve them further) and work faster" sounds more appealing than the other solutions, huh? Thanks all for the response - clarified a lot.
  18. Guess I'm just a little more used to working in a different way... Scrum n sprint and working with a team is very different to how TDM seems to operate, which appears mostly solo ad hoc. Have some replies I'd like to put in-line, but first need to digest. Please understand - I'm not trying to be a dick - It's not about me or my maps (I'm happy playing them myself - authorname I put as TDM)... it's the same kinda thing as when I was trying to help with the greenlight issue and thinking up ways to get around steamworks caveats and speak with journalists and stuff about the rather unique situation in which the game found itself.
  19. Additional: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/18708-bugs-with-update-to-205-strange-physics/?p=415315 (about your issues with going over 88mph / 60FPS)
  20. Several months late, but: With Dunia [2] engine - over 60FPS render will cause physics and scripting bugs. Have to choke it on modern hardware to stop many bugs and strange behaviours. Maybe NASA could run Farcry2 on max settings back then, but no-one else could... Even still - who had a monitor with more than 60hz / 58hz no vsync against tearing? http://www.moddb.com/engines/dunia <--- old crytek cryengine, 2008. It's why new Farcry games are 60 FPS render capped, I believe. Engine 1 or 2 can't cope. 2 is mostly DX11 and graphics updates. Core remains. TDM is rehashed 2004 iDtech..? Farcry sucked after 2/3 anyway... 2 remains the best. Id5 is capped at 60... Maybe try this: https://community.pcgamingwiki.com/files/file/849-id5-tweaker/ (but check out "known issues" re: physics and scripting)
  21. ERH - the fps drops substantially because of the ragdolls physics (which is sometimes very funny) - try making a massive pile of bodies in any mission, it'll do the same. You've manually placed 10 ragdolls in your map..? Props. One solution would be to trap them in a nodraw brushbox, or build a cage around them or put rocks on them or something... A reason why they'd be stuck at the bottom. Or - lower the floor a few units, drag them into position at the "sunk" position, save ragdolls or whatever the command is, then raise the floor so they are touching or - better - slightly clipped and therefore pinned (hopefully not flapping about). Turn off frob in spawnargs for entities (idk if applies to ragdolls?) in case player tries to rescue or pose them in suggestive positions for TDS&M mod... Any impulse /forcefield in the water with objects makes everything go crazy for me, but you could try adding a downwards impulse to the water to help them settle faster. But... since model's mass is changed in water... they will probably bounce off and be pushed back down and it would lower performance even more, due to forcefield's constant checks. Try tweaking position and raising floor til it intersects so they are starting off as dropped as possible. On my rig, usually about 10-12 bodies stacked will drop FPS when one is dragged out of the pile and shot through the head with an arrow. I learned never to dispose of more than a few bodies in any one pool of water in this game because can wreck it. Oh wait - you could try to put living AI in the water standing on the bottom, make sure they can drown - put their health to 1, critical to 0, start sleeping (on floor arg 1 might be required) - and just let them drown and it might help - they'll already be lying at the bottom of the drink:) (reckon 10 might be a bit taxing for the game) OR Have the ragdolls drop into empty space (no water there) then triggeronce a script as the player moves from start that spawns water worldspawn brush in that space..?
  22. Rant time, sorry. No spoilers. You can add those biker, if you'd like me ignored or it's too many words. TL;DR - whine, cry, y u do dis, pls slow down after this one - it's mint already, don't you reckon? Guys.... I know people here don't look upon me particularly well and that I'm a difficult person. Please, please, please stop updating the game and DR so often... it's like every time I get close to figuring something out - something is changed and, after going through a few dozen old maps... testing out and seeing what to do next on them (I paint a few pictures at the same time) things don't work any more. Shaders repathed, textures missing or depreciated or repathed, mechanics changed. I've ALWAYS used stock to avoid having to go through the lengthy process of including a whole bunch of stuff that is not necessary. Now there's model errors on some maps I've left to finish (ok... a year...) later. I'd really like to finish a decent map without it being put into a state whereby it's easier to delete it all and start again than go in and make a whole bunch of changes. It is demoralising that it's proving so difficult to contribute. Just gone back over a few years worth of maps and most of them throw errors or are missing shaders or models or have pathing errors... Latest updates have: 1 - destroyed every trap and agility challenge I've designed by removing damage from movers (as I'm sure you're aware, as I say it nearly every 2nd post in this forum because that really screwed that mission). 2 - has destroyed the nurbs tutorial map by removing or repathing the textures, so it throws shader errors. Can fix, I guess. Pretty sure all my notes are on that blog, if I can remember the name... 3 - a lot of my older maps now have pathing errors for stock models/textures/things/stuff that must've been repathed or depreciated or something... 4 - even the startmap/levelname from the wiki doesn't work now, the error list in DR is huge. Missing models, textures, shader issues, etc. 5 - destroyed my camera system, that was the basis for a lot of neat stuff, by somehow changing how multiple portalsky and portalsky info works. At least a few things still work... 6 - rendered ... a whole bunch of missions that were "getting there" totally FUBAR. 7 - provided discouragement to start mapping in earnest (which is daunting - there's several people who've been here for donkey's that are mappers but don't have a map published), in case there's another update that totally wrecks yet another WIP or effect or trick or concept (rev's no longer affected by holy water?? They're undead, wtf... goodbye necromancer's tower with cool, mechanical and illusion/op-art artistic effects and a few glitchy/hacky tricks - no way is that gonna be fun now if it's empty or filled with those bastards) Every change, for the past few years, screws over anything ambitious or that pushes a boundary to TDM's mapping extent or thwarts some solution to the problem of "how do I do this..? ahhh, I can do this...". This means I can either: 1 - make another mansion/city mission that's the same as every other mansion/city mission from prefabs and limp pretense, no time to develop a full campaign or character or story 'cos list. 2 - rush a tiny mission - I don't do one night stands. We go away for the weekend or the week to somewhere neither of us has been and see you again next time (I don't want to know what you do in between). or 3 - wait until everyone's gotten bored of updating TDM and DR for a bit and wandered off so I can finish a mission that might have taken since 2.03 to make and now no longer works because xyz has changed and it's easier to simply delete everything and start again than make all the changes to everything (plus #7 from previous list of whining) Perhaps it's only my opinion, but some of the best missions are those that were made during "low development/update" periods. The game looks beautiful now. It runs so well and there's only a few glitches that happen. Much better than it was years ago, for sure. There's a bug tracker that has a few lurkers. There's half a disjointed wiki with a bunch of updating required. DR is in a decent state. It's easy to learn and pick up to make another manor mission or rush a tiny mission using prefabs. But another update on the way - reading this thread - it's made me reconsider bothering to start work on yet another mission that is probably going to have to be scrapped because some update to TDM or DR will mean "fuck it, easier to delete and rebuild". I'm trying to keep a level head here. No-one except the French (French...) Foreign Legion and Freyk wished me a happy birthday. It's Xmas and I have no family - my mates are either dead or had the sense to stay out of the UK when they had the chance. I love TDM and really want to finish a mission - was planning a new one out and going to start after getting back from some shooting practise and perhaps letting rip with a fully auto or two in Texas and Juarez end of next Jan. I've played and probably completed every TDM mission at least once. Except the ones that were so irritating and linear that I may as well go do Splinter Cell speed runs instead. Turns out - half the tricks I've figured out that haven't been in a mission before... They no longer work... Not only that, several hundreds of hours in DR appear "wasted" as the fkn maps are out-dated because they were built for previous versions of TDM in previous versions of DR and - again - it's easier to delete the whole thing and rebuild it all from the ground up than go through its hair with a nit-comb for the bugs. It's like telling ur kid to go build a lego castle and taking away the blocks as he's going, replacing them with lego technic instead, then deciding that sticklebricks might be better before chucking a whole bunch of Raspberry Pi's at it and telling the kid that he has to programme the machines to build the castle from the missing lego blocks that might be under the couch, duct taped to sticklebricks and jury-rigged with lego technic. Without any decent documentation or manual and you're out at work so no you can't help because go figure it out, I'm busy kid... All the while, totally ignoring the rollerskate on the steps that's been there for ages and some people keep slipping on. I want to give the player a good challenge. Searchlights, steam-punk camera systems to evade, motion sensing devices, figure out interesting and fun new things to do other than simply sneak around yet another cube shaped area, konking out guards and stealing something, seeing the same gameplay over and over when TDM is more than capable of some really innovative things!!! (not a cyberpunk reskin mod of a mod - got dx and ss2 and a whole bunch of new games for that) If there's the time to figure stuff out and implement something beyond a test-map and put that into a mission that can really show what TDM - that you've built already to an exceptional standard - can do... That'd be great. Has no-one else noticed the corrolation between the speed of the newer updates to the frequency of newer FMs? At least doing some level design and asset creation in an indiedb unity or cryengine or whatever - you get to speak with people and project manage and know what stage this is at and ok, the codings done, here's what the player can do - thanks i'll go make a prototype and give the modellers and UI guys a hand with the graphics and then build the final level and work back from that so we can think about how the player experience might be before getting in some outsiders to give it a bash, even though it's only a crappy platform stealth in unity3d with nothing particularly special about it other than you guys are 18 and you've never done this before. When is it going to be take a break time for you guys..? When is documentation from those who know going to be written up or rechecked to see if its still relevent..? If I knew - I'd write it... but I don't, so I can't - all I know is what I figure out and what I pick up from the wiki and by dissecting old missions in a non-sterile environment without a nurse or any drugs to dull the pain. Am I ever going to be around in DR when there isn't an update pending that might or might not screw over something/everything I am trying to do, having just restarted due to the last set of changes..? And why does the camera system/scrying mirror portal sky thing suddenly not work - I can't figure that one out... the rest is explainable. Today, on the left - 2.04 on the right. All the lost potential... gotta refind it or it's gonna end up fallout 2 to 3, dx to hr. Ubisoft to nUbisoft Farcry2 to FC3, Hitman to... that game they call hitman now... Altair to ... egypt...
  23. Yeah, the ragdoll thing kinda turned me off the idea - idk if it's gonna be possible to achieve. I've another gripe too, but that's for its own thread. IIRC, dead bodies were assigned entity id in some order - this means it would be impossible to consistently target anyone, unless there was only one ragdoll in the mission (kidnap victim) and I'm not a fan of disallowing people the freedom to get into a fight or KO someone or beat their longest headshot record or whatever. Or the KO script call could grab it somehow... (idk)... Was thinking of playing through a bunch of missions soon again, because over half of the maps I was working on are no longer working... so if there's anything like that - i'll open it up and have a butcher's.
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