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  1. Wait a minute - wasn't Down By The Riverside based on this Lovecraft work? Anyway, I'll be glad to do some testing for you.
  2. Here's my playthrough of By The Cookbook: https://youtu.be/IQ6kulMvxMs
  3. Here's my playthrough video of The Spider and the Finch: https://youtu.be/HrrkrZwn7zc
  4. Bigger? You mean Now and Then doesn't count? I'll be happy to beta test this new one now that you've finished work on it.
  5. Here's my playthrough video of the Threepenny Revue:
  6. Here's my video playthrough of the House of DeLisle:
  7. I'm expecting two Fan Missions to be released, but I can wait by helping out.
  8. Taking advantages of the new in-game subtitles, here's a long overdue playthrough of this mission:
  9. Whenever I feel like it. I'm going to take a break once I upload my remastered House of Locked Secrets Part 2 video.
  10. After a long wait, here's the remastered playthrough of the first part of the mission:
  11. Burn them into the video (ie. I make my own subtitles).
  12. So this means I have to implement the subtitles myself during video editing. Okay.
  13. Player voice lines and intro and outro video voiceovers, that's what I meant.
  14. Okay, just finished this mission for the first time since the final release came out, so it took me a while to find all the secrets and complete the optional objectives. Could this mission perhaps do with some in-game subtitles, though?
  15. After a long time waiting for the right moment, here's a remastered playthrough of Requiem, which happens to be my 100th video covering The Dark Mod:
  16. I'm looking forward to the redux versions of the first two missions, to be honest.
  17. It's still early April, so I'm freely available to do some more beta testing.
  18. Now that 2.11 is out, I'll help out with whatever final lot of beta testing you want to go over.
  19. I think he may have consulted my playthrough video of Requiem for the subtitles.
  20. Thanks, the dmap issue has definitely been fixed. However, it still needs the in-game subtitles, but I take it that will be fixed when 2.11 is public?
  21. If this is planned for a 2.11 release, I'm afraid I'm going to opt out. I want to wait for a final version of 2.11 to come out, so yeah, I definitely can't beta test this mission. Sorry.
  22. I should have addressed this sooner, but in more recent versions of TDM, there's a common dmap problem with stairs which is present inside the City Watch station. I've attached the screenshot to show what I mean. Also, maybe add in-game subtitles for this mission and A House of Locked Secrets.
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