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  1. Okay, finally found time to finish it, and the last part was the best! Ended with only 7 of 11 secrets, but after cheating and finding the remainders, I think 8 would have been the absolute maximum I'd ever have discovered- some of them were practically impossible to spot! Anyway, aside from the tedious frustration when I couldn't find the clue I needed as mentioned earlier, I enjoyed it a lot. It does an amazing amount in a relatively small space.
  2. I don't mean to be overly critical, of course. It's a great level, and I should have some more positive things to add once I have time to wrap it up.
  3. I haven't finished quite yet (ran out of time today), but I had a couple problems: One, the becomes completely invisible and virtually impossible to find if you open the drawer above it in the dark and don't realize there's a note there. It's just... gone, and I scoured the entire house for hours, messing with the light switches and trying to find any clue besides the one in the music room. I don't think it's at all reasonable to expect the player to find such a vital clue in a place where it's so easy to lose and never even realize. Second, it's a minor thing, but the hallway outside Franklin's apartment door had a lit window on the outside, but on the same spot on the inside there's no window, just a wall with a lamp. Other than that, I've been enjoying the mission so far. Love the museum exhibits and such and the abundance of secrets to find, some rather tricky even after you find clues , and great use of vertical space without requiring rope arrows.
  4. That was great- I had to take three nights just to finish it, and thought it was very well put-together! The puzzles were actually challenging in a way that I don't think any other mission I've played has managed to pull off. In particular, was very tricky, and the solution was more subtle and detailed than I realized the engine was capable of. I do have one complaint though, which is that Other than that, there were only some minor issues- getting stuck on terrain a few times (mostly in the citadel towards the end), and Considering how huge, complicated and dense the level was, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself missing only 95 loot at the end- and 80 of that turned out to be a single gold brick that I somehow overlooked despite thoroughly searching the cabinet it was in. Anyway, I really enjoyed the puzzles, the scattered poems, and the insight into just how screwed-up and brutal the Builder's religion is! I'll never feel guilty robbing a church again.
  5. Unfortunately, I don't remember which mission had the curtain. I think it was in front of a toilet, possibly one that you can use to infiltrate via the sewers, and it was probably either a mission from the Chronicles of Skulduggery series or Hidden Hands series, but I can't remember for sure. Knowing how to turn off the boop sound is good, but is there anything I can do to fix the actual issue? I'm still not sure what causes the sounds to be missing. If it's fan mission authors making an oversight, why did it never happen until 2.08? Is it possible my install glitched and I'm just missing the actual sound files for a few things?
  6. I've been noticing that sometimes, instead of a sound playing, I get sort of a weird electronic "BOOP". A few examples I can remember off the top of my head are hitting an oil lamp with a blackjack, walking through a curtain, and most recently, the latest update for the mission Volta 1: The Stone, where it goes "BOOP" once on the menu screen instead of playing music. This issue never happened before I updated to 2.08.
  7. I assumed that since I'd been downloading all the updates from the in-game downloader it would fix these issues, but sure enough, once I deleted the folder manually and re-downloaded it, it works fine. Thank you!
  8. I decided to replay the first two before starting this one, to refresh my memory, only to find that the first one no longer works. Partway through loading I get this error message: Any idea what's causing this? Chapter 2 loads just fine.
  9. Tried the keyhole again, still crashy, unfortunately. I'm using 2.07... as far as I know, there isn't a 2.08? I don't see any mention on the Dark Mod page, and the updater doesn't update to it either. But don't get me wrong, the issues were minor in the end and I had a great time playing the level. Thanks for all the hard work!
  10. I'm running the 64 bit version of The Dark Mod and the keyhole feature instantly crashed the game when I tried it. I didn't really miss it (in fact, this is the first I've heard of it, do any other missions have this?), but I'm really curious what it looks like and why it's not working. I also ran into something kind of weird when I started the mission- when I tried to blackjack the two guards walking the streets (with the black and white uniforms), it just passed harmlessly through them, not making a sound. They turned around and killed me, and the problem persisted when I reloaded, though I could still kill them with arrows. Later, when I blackjacked Stefan, there was no trouble at all, and when I tried the same guards again later, they also were felled as normal. It's really weird- I've played dozens and dozens of missions and never had that happen before. As for the mission itself, I enjoyed it very much, and everything felt really well put together. I enjoyed finding the secrets- I was able to find 4 out of 5 on my first try. However,
  11. So after that I was able to finish the mission, and I enjoyed it a lot! I had a few minor problems with it: But for the most part it was great. I particularly liked
  12. I seem to have run into a bug of some kind- the red button that won't open anymore. I opened and closed it a few times, then died and reloaded from an earlier quicksave, and now the button won't work, even though I loaded from a point before I ever pressed it in the first place. I tried reloading, quitting the game and coming back, even loading another fan mission and going back to this one, and the button still is broken! I haven't tried starting a new game, as I'd made a lot of progress. Is there some console command or something I can enter to fix the button?
  13. I'm also having problems with the compass- namely, it doesn't exist. Even in a level the creator confirmed has a compass in it, even in levels that let you select your equipment at the start. It's not a white texture or anything like others were describing, it just isn't there. Pressing V key does nothing, scrolling through inventory shows nothing.
  14. In most missions, it's there by default. In yours, though, I only have a spyglass. I just checked and this is true even with version 1.1. Not really a big deal, though! EDIT: It appears to be some kind of bug, and not your fault! I just tested a couple other levels, and the compass is missing in all of them. Even a level that lets you select your starting equipment and gives the compass as an option doesn't actually have the compass in your inventory when you begin. I wonder if this is an issue with Dark Mod 2.07?
  15. Except it's not. There's nothing there at all when I open the file. It looks like this: BUILD TIME: about 6 months. Description: Horror themed exploration of seemingly deserted keep in the middle of swamps. Spiders, undead, darkness, gore. CREDITS & ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Beta-testers: Amadeus, Bienie, Boiler's_hiss, Dragofer, Filizitas, Judith, nbohr1more, s.urfer. Proofreading: Amadeus. That's it! EDIT: I just saw there's an updated version available for download through Dark Mod. That one says it's Version 1.1 right on the notes, without even opening a text file, and immediately looks different because it has a title card (blue with horses) when installed. I'll give that a try and see if anything's different! EDIT EDIT: My saves from the old version started me over from the beginning, so I used noclip to speed through again just to test it, and- sure enough, there was a little cutscene at the end! I guess it just hadn't been implemented yet in the version I originally played, which now means I've played TWO fan missions with cutscenes. I'm a little surprised so few people have done this, but at least there's nothing wrong with my installation or anything. Now that that's resolved, let me give you a little feedback- though most of it will be based off my full-length playthrough of the old version, so forgive me for that- I know you made some improvements that I saw while rushing through the second time, like adding a glow to a key and putting in a bunch more loot. This is also my first time posting a review and I have no experience making levels, so it's purely from a player's perspective. Pros: I liked how immediately and dramatically different this mission was. By this point, one typically has some idea what to expect when starting a Dark Mod mission, so getting suddenly dropped into a dark, desolate marsh instead of the usual back alley sets a very ominous tone right from the beginning. The intimidating size and difficult entry to the keep once you find it was also a departure from the norm, as was the vast scale of the rooms and building in general. Seeing all that loot and being unable to take it because it belongs to your family made sense from a story standpoint and also added a bit of a strategy element- you know that you're going to be allowed to take it sooner or later, so you're already trying to make a mental map of everything you saw so you can find it again later. Being able to take loot found out in the marsh right from the beginning was also good attention to detail. Similarly, having a mercilessly pitch black level and only being able to use light sources as objects in-environment instead of just picking up a lantern and hitting the L key was an interesting choice, and I liked that there were different light sources with different properties- no way to relight the candle if it goes out, no way to switch off the red crystals, etc. Having to navigate such a vast, dark environment while avoiding guards would have been insanely time-consuming, so I also appreciate that you found other ways to add an element of danger while allowing the player to run most of the time. The atmosphere was terrific- finding things like the looming out of the mist while exploring gave me the chills, and stuff like kept things tense and spooky. Considering the very small number of readable items, the story is surprisingly frightening and compelling. The many secret passages and ventilation shafts were fun to discover and made getting around a little simpler. Cons: I had extreme difficulty finding A lot of things that looked like loot weren't, and vice versa, and a lot of the loot was insanely well hidden. On the one hand, this is interesting because you're constantly surprised by things like a nearly-invisible jewel just lying on the floor or a book that turns out to be valuable, but it's a completionist's nightmare. Some of the objectives are described as being in a certain direction from the keep, but as far as I can tell, there's no compass to be found. The marsh area was small enough that I was able to find them just by running around and looking, but it seemed odd to consistently be given useless directions. As much as I liked the light mechanics, it got tedious carrying around a light source absolutely everywhere to be able to see anything at all. It would have been nice if there were a way to fix the generator late in the mission and restore light to at least some areas. Thanks for this mission, and for replying to my question!
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