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  1. just leaving that here: https://www.oo-software.com/en/shutup10 shutup10!
  2. hard to have a clear winner, different gaming styles... on my side I would have three winners for PC: Thief 2: for single player mostly (don't like undead really much, hence the second instead of the first episode)SiN: for the multiplayer and the duke like humor (but with an engine that's actually enjoyable to use, not fan of 2.5d personally)EverQuest (project1999 nowadays): for the lore, huge size and massively multiplayer aspect...
  3. Languages are implementation details, anyone with correct algorithmic approach and capable of abstract reasoning can adapt in any of these languages in less than a couple of month. discussing learning method is much better than talking about languages... I can't really help OP as I have not used such resources since years through.
  4. Ok, I didn't know, nice to hear... it's a marvelous free game!
  5. This one is a special case as it's a showcase for source engine.. but have you ever played Alien Swarm? it's a marvel. http://store.steampowered.com/app/630/
  6. Hi all, I just noticed this fan made prequel to arx fatalis got a first beta release... http://arxendofsun.solarsplace.com/ sounds great, can't wait to get back home to try ++
  7. http://www.pcgamer.com/system-shock-3-teased-by-otherside-entertainment/ seems like all licences are being reused... it's strange it's not a kickstarter...
  8. just reposting that from another thread as suggested... I've stumbled on this PDF while looking for random infos: http://retro.seals.ch/cntmng?pid=bts-002:1915:41::234&ei=ccK3VfeMFaKfygPxmIjoBw&psig=AFQjCNGSZ5rRgggQG4StE43gubBnJJj_4Q&ust=1438192625520313 it's a century old article about modification done at an old hotel. with plans and photos. the basement and ground floor are particularly interesting with service stairs, various utility rooms and store described, unfortunately descriptions are in french... also, this hotel still exist nowaday : http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Hotel_Review-g1190236-d1821757-Reviews-Grand_Hotel_des_Rasses-Sainte_Croix_Canton_of_Vaud.html
  9. definetely not as old or nice but I recently stumbled upon this: http://retro.seals.ch/cntmng?pid=bts-002:1915:41::234&ei=ccK3VfeMFaKfygPxmIjoBw&psig=AFQjCNGSZ5rRgggQG4StE43gubBnJJj_4Q&ust=1438192625520313 that might interest people here, trough it's way to modern for TDM...
  10. not even a mention if SiN... this list is ridiculous...
  11. lol, I love how "cow-lane" was renamed "king street"...
  12. lol, that prove how overlooked SiN as been... it got no metacritic score... If you don't care about Q2 era graphics you should definately look at SiN... It feature great things that even today we don't see frequently... - localised damage: ok, all games do that now, different skin when shot? it's less frequent, armor drops depending on what the ennemy wear and with durability on where you hit the ennemies? finding helmets in good shape is not so easy if you have good aims you can even make the ennemy drop their guns if you shoot them in the arms... - computer to hack using some dos like environement it was totally overlooked because it got out at same time than halflife and received bad review cause it was rushed once more for half life and was rather bugged before the first patch.
  13. If old FPS are your cup of tea, try SiN...
  14. well, the bad news is that this project seems more or less dead as the developer got no more time to work on it, and he didn't post anything in one year, the good news is that it will probably go opensource .. which I think will greatly increase the work on it and might in a reasonable amount of time lead to a working version...
  15. elwing

    Thief 4

    I've mixed feelings about that... while it is awful in term of gameplay it really add something to the narrative side... while I don't like QTE I feel that without it TombRaider would have looked pretty empty and repetitive.
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