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  1. Anyway, the game's been founded, although it was a close call in the end!
  2. The game is of yet very rough around the edges and nowhere near the quality that Styx - Master of Shadows offers. Still, what the devs have released is a Beta demo, so there is hope that the game will be polished to perfection. I will certainly watch closely how it all develops.
  3. teh_saccade, it's not 25 GBP but 25 USD, which translates into 17,62 GBP. Still not peanuts, but somewhat more afordable. Also, I played the teaser with mouse+keyboard and felt right back home. Also, you can see the 17 GBP as kind of an investment, because if the game gets kickstarted (against all odds, I might add), you'll get the classic mode:
  4. Update: Linux and OSX builds of the playable teaser have been released: http://media.revivalprod.com/OverloadPlayableTeaserLinux.zip http://media.revivalprod.com/OverloadPlayableTeaserOSX.zip
  5. Hi guys, I'm sure someof you remember the old 6-degrees-of-freedom shooter Descent. Some of the former devs are already working on a spiritual successor called Descent: Underground, while some others have started a Kickstarter campaign for their re-imagined version called "Overload". You can find the Kickstarter here: http://kck.st/23WX5ck I hope the link works: <iframe frameborder="0" height="420" scrolling="no" src="https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/revivalprod/overload-the-ultimate-six-degree-of-freedom-shoote/widget/card.html?v=2"width="220"></iframe> Optional={option} and content= Now since videos and pictures only tell half of the story, the devs just released a playable teaser of the game. http://media.revivalprod.com/OverloadPlayableTeaser64bit.zip http://media.revivalprod.com/OverloadPlayableTeaser32bit.zip The teaser is Windows only, but it's said to be working quite well under Wine, you you Linux guys might want to have a look. The campaign desperately needs your support. In four days it will be over, and currently only half the sum has been collected. So if you loved the original Descent and are interested in its successor, please help and back it!
  6. Well, I think this is actually good news. My dear hope is that no-one will be using DX12 for the simple fact that most gamers still use Windows 7 (which will not get an update), and also because of the interoperability of OGL/Vulcan. After all, why go to the trouble of developing two rendering paths of one is not only sufficient but also has no performance penalties?
  7. Or rather with the Mantle API in mind. After all, DirectX 12 follows the direction of Mantle as well, which means less overhead and more fps.
  8. It depends: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AMD_Radeon_Rx_200_series
  9. Maybe I can shed some light here. The mission the screenshot is from is called FM0 internally. Back in the day, we had worked out the story from FM1 to FM3 but realized that the events that led to FM1 had not been explained at all. Sure, there's always the fall-back to cutscenes, but they are a lot of work if done well, so to create an entire FM seemed easier. Anyway, the missions are supposed to be short to medium in length, with lessons learned from Sothas mapping skills (always offer multiple entrances). The FMs will be released as soon as they are finished, but as soon as the final mission is released, we plan on backing everything into one campaign - if that is possible now. You can expect very story-driven missions with several twists, not just the usual heist missions (not that there's anything wrong with them). Johannes also plans on adding a number of easter-eggs and little areas to find and explore, so the patient player (aren't we all? ) will be rewarded. I hope that about covers your questions. if not, feel free to ask.
  10. Praise the Lord, the Messiah is back! Long live the King!!! XD
  11. "The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel." That's what your reply reminded me of. Anyway, too bad that you're from Dresden, as I'd loved to take you on a tour through my beautiful city. Still, if you happen to be in the vicinity, be sure to give me a call. With this you mean Australia?
  12. 7upMan

    Thief 4

    What you mean is Warface, the next big uber thing with regards to F2P FPS games. Well, judging from reviews it was bad indeed, so no wonder that Crytek is in trouble. Also, they definitely lost me as a potential buyer since Crysis 1 - I hate American propaganda, and I will never ever shell out any money to actually pay for it infecting my brain. To bad for the talented German programmers, but if they are that good, they'll find other jobs in the industry.
  13. Well, nude in this case surely means topless and/or in bathing suits, because in all my years in Munich I really haven't seen any nude people on the streets (and neither in the city parks).
  14. What park was that? The English Garden?
  15. Yes, this perfectly describes Berlin and, by extension, Germany. We are a serious bunch.
  16. The thing is that I have been in many (if not most) German cities. I can assure you that there are no cities in Germany that even remotely resemble the A'dam that I described above. Should you ever visit this city, I think you'll agree. Also, it's not so much about the money. You can get there quite cheaply (it should be around 500 km from Germany, which makes it cost two full tanks of gas for both legs of the trip), plus staying over night (better: several nights) plus food/drinks. I guess 300 € in total can get you quite a nice stay.
  17. There are no canals - called Grachten -, the city is less green, the people are not half as nice and relaxed, there are no shops selling stuff that can be bought legally only in the Netherlands, the city center is not as old and cozy, it's much much noisier, and Berlin is generally much less laid back than Amsterdam. Also, I love the chaotic traffic where everyone walks just like they want and still no one gets hurt. In Germany, I sometimes have the feeling that car drivers are almost *hunting* bicyclists, especially in larger cities, while in A'dam pedestrians, bicyclists, scooter and car drivers somehow manage not to crash into anyone. Or so it seems to me. SeriousToni, have you ever been there? If you like, I can give you some advice where to go in Amsterdam, where to stay and what to visit. I promise that you will *love* this city, especially in the summer. Oh, and did I mention the incredibly beautiful golden light that illuminates the grachten in the evening? And the boats that silently go by? It's just a lovely place.
  18. 7upMan

    E3 2014 thread

    Oh. My. Fucking. God. !. Really, from the looks of it, this is everything Frontiers (a.k.a. Elite II and III) strove to be - and failed. But I still won't but me a PS4. If they make it console exclusive, I'm out.
  19. Nah, there's no place in Deutschland that's even half as nice as A'dam. I speak from Erfahrung. XD
  20. As long as it's better than Aliens: Colonial Marines, I'd say get on with it.
  21. Spring, do you have a larger-sized scan? If so, can you pls upload it?
  22. I guess that's in our blood. Remember that Germans have a weakness for the uber huge, be it Germania or the King Tiger - or even recent projects like the new Berlin Airport BER that is due to finish in about 10 years or the Elbephilharmonie in Hamburg (which will open the same day as the Berlin Airport). The same applies to Russians to some extent: Mechs are like tanks, and the Russians just looove their tanks!
  23. But you guys in Canada have only fixed internet contingents, right? If you go over the allowed plan, you have to pay extra or something like that?
  24. What?! And who's going to clean the kitchen?!?
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