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  1. Consider buying a new (used) laptop. It has about the same horsepower as mine, but better screen and battery. (and more expensive as well). Makes sense or it's just consumer rabies?

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    2. Carnage


      And you have a warranty when you buy new, which you don't have most of the time with second hand.

    3. Epifire


      Only time I bought used PCs was from a friend who fixed me up some older units to run XP off of for compatibility backaups.


      Sorta a shady affair to buy just straight out used from the consumer base though (especially for laptops) never know if they ran the fans into the ground by never cleaning it up and letting it cook. That tends to be the worst, easiest oversight in users not taking care of laptops I find.

    4. Epifire


      Because then your CPU's physical condition is teetering on the edge of total burnout when you pick it up. So yeah, big gamble there I'd say.

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