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  1. Wow. Did someone OD on their grumpy pills today?
  2. I like to think so. My wife calls me a "music snob"
  3. Two things strike me about this post: 1) we are generally a well educated bunch; 2) we all sound like we are introducing ourselves at AA. Here goes: I'm Bambini and I've 15 hours without a drink. I am a 27 year old assistant clinical psychologist working in a medium-secure unit and I an currently trying to get on the training course to become a doctor, but can't because of intense competition. I am married, I have a dog and I am currently trying to make with world's largest ball of sellotape. I like hiking, music (like Tudor I have quite niche tastes), films and gaming. I like to think of myself as a bit of a bohemian hippie type, but I'm probably more of a liberal cliche instead. I would be working on a TDM mission but my PC is currently misbehaving.
  4. That's my understanding of it. Imagine you're really trying to sneak around in a quiet building, trying not to be heard. Every step you took would sound like the beating of a kettle drum. It's not any louder than usual, but you have a heigtened sensitivity to the sound. Also, because of the key role that sound plays in the game, it was important to make each footstep noticeable and distinguishable, so you'd know if you were on marble rather than wood without too much straining of the shell-likes.
  5. 3. A 2005 album by The Decemberists.
  6. Thanks for the permission, Nielsen. I might just do that, as I really did love the stacks of crates you had in Too Late. I'll only need about 6, and I'll be sure to credit you
  7. Under darkmod/containers? Man, I m not looking properly at all
  8. Is there a model for large crates, or is it a question of creating brushes to make them? I'm trying to fill a storage area, and couldn't find any models for anything bigger than a small crate. Before I start tinkering with brushes and textures, I thought I'd double check that there wasn't anythign already in DR but I'm just being blind
  9. I've had not errors, just the "WARNING: backwards triangle...[blah]". TDM appears to still be running, in that the cursor still flashes, but the warnings just keep coming thick and fast. When I CTRL+ALT+DEL, Doom 3 appears to not be responding. I suspect that what is happening is either that backwards triangles are being ignored/optimised but there happen to be a gajillion of them, or that at some point the dmap freezes up, mid-flow. Incidentally, what is a backwards triangle? Are they a result of something I've done in the map? If so, how can I fix them manually?
  10. SO how long are these warnings supposed to go on for? I've just been dmapping and had the same warning come up. I checked the forums and stumbled across this thread, so I thought I'd wait it out and let TDM do its thing. I waited over 5 minutes and still the thing hadn't finished dmapping - just endless 'backwards triangle' warnings I'm only testing out my map, so it's not overly large. It's one room, basically empty, and not even a particularly big room. Surely it shouldn't take very long to dmap.
  11. OMG, how have I not noticed this sooner?! I'm DLing this beauty immediately
  12. Would an easier short-term solution be for you to collect together any prefabs that people wish to submit and to bundle them into the next update of DR? Just trying to save you the work of setting up a download page
  13. I'm with STiFU. These are definitely hi-res textures, and they are VERY well made. Here's a good image to look at to give you a flavour: http://planeteldersc...ge.php?id=37447 I also agree that Oblivion does have a weird overbrightness and softness to the textures as a result of HDR/Bloom, but even if there is a problem with the textures looking a bit too washed out for TDM, I'd be happy to go through the textures with GIMP and tone down the brightness. That is, as long as it's the relatively simple task I think it is.
  14. Not sure if this is the right forum to put this in, but has anyone yet considered the possibility of using Qarl's Texture Pack (originally designed for TES4: Oblivion) in TDM? I'm not sure if they are directly compatible, but if they're useable (and if we have Qarl's permission), we could potentially have hundreds of high quality textures at our disposal. I mean, I think we can agree that most of the Oblivion textures would look right at home in TDM. Take a look: http://planetelderscrolls.gamespy.com/View.php?view=OblivionMods.Detail&id=2363 http://planetelderscrolls.gamespy.com/View.php?id=3813&view=OblivionMods.Detail (this is an optimised version of the same pack) I don't know much about textures though, so could be talking out of my arse. Feel free to shoot me down in smoke and flames if necessary.
  15. bambini

    Fox News

    That's still more than 500 people out there, somewhere in America... Be afraid. Be very afraid.
  16. bambini

    Fox News

    You know, I get the feeling that America has been polarising over the last year or so. I mean, with 9/11 there was a definite shift in politics and society in the US, but since the Obama election, there's been a sense of people either going out of their way to lean to the left (hence the completely unreasonable hope placed on Obama), or going out of their way to lean to the right and knock back anything he suggests. I think his speech a couple of days ago about the frustrations of US politics spoke volumes. Repulicans seem to block his proposals for the sake of it, rather than considering the merits of the Democrats' proposals. And yes, Fox has a role to play in this by telling middle America that Democrats will eat your children and that Obama has been possessed by the ghost of Stalin. Everything seems so black-and-white in American politics. Baddcog, come to England! Apart from Scandanivia, I'd argue that we are the most liberal country in the world.
  17. bambini

    Fox News

    Would people from the USA please explain this to me, becasue I'm just at a loss: http://www.guardian....ws-most-popular Really? Fox News? I just completely fail to understand it. I mean, we all know that no news organisation is completely impartial (the Guardian is left-leaning), but there are none so openly and brazenly biased as Fox. Frankly, it amazes me that they are still allowed to label their broadcasting as "news". I was baffled that the proposed US healthcare reforms didn't amount to much (free healthcare! How can that be a bad thing?), but now it all makes sense. Fox has your country by the kahunas, and it's not about to let go. (just so we're clear, I'm not attacking the USA, I just really hate Fox and Rupert Murdoch )
  18. Sounds reasonable. I'm not well practised in patches, but it will give me a god chance to play around
  19. Do we have some idea of when the Inventors, Steam Beasts, etc. might be released? I've just started working on a map that I'd intended to leave open so I had the option of developing it into some sort of campaign in the future. The plot will interweave necromancers and the Inventors, but I thought that it might work well to have things like Steam Beasts available to add into the map. Obviously, if we are looking at years before they are going to be available then I'll either make do without or work on other projects first. Just curious. Incidentally, I'm happy to work collabortaively on the campaign I'm working on. If anyone's interested in creating missions towards a campaign, or standalone missions that fall in line with a single theme, then please feel free to PM me and I'll give you a run-down of my ideas. I'm a bit reluctant to post my plot ideas here as I'm hoping for a couple of twists and suchlike that I don't want to make public at this time.
  20. I was hoping to keep everything in DR as I'm hopeless with Blender and if I try to learn that too I'll end up overloading myself. Good idea with the banisters and handrails. I'm struggling more with the newel posts, but maybe I need to scale back my plans. I could probably do just fine with a rectangular pillar with some sort of model on top. Incidentally, is there an easy way to retexture existing models? I wondered if I could retexture an urn/vase model into wood to pop it on top of the post. Don't know how it would look, but it's an option
  21. I'm looking to create an L-shaped staircase in a mansion that leads upstairs and eventually on to a third floor as well (essentially the staircases would point east, turning to the south, and then a new staircase woudl start on that landing pointing west, turning north. Making the stairs is relatively easy, but does anyone know how I could create ornate handrail?
  22. Don't think it's that. I'd already spotted that and used atdm:target_addobjectives, as it was the only entity on the list that looked similar to the "target_tdm_addobjectives" described in the A-Z. The problem with this issue I guess is that it could be a number of things: I could have put in the loaction trigger wrong, or the Stim/response wrongand I would imagine that when the target_addobjectives points to these things I'd run into troubles. I've double checked everything though, and can't see that there's a difference between the spawnargs I've written and the ones on the A-Z. Incidentally, are the values case sensitive? I'm at work, so can't check up, but I'm pretty sure that I may have called my location trigger "exitlocation", while the obj4_1_spec_val2 value is "ExitLocation." I'll double check later.
  23. I'm taking the objectives from your A-Z tutorial, and I've double checked them to make sure I've not mistyped them. They are as follows: obj1_1_spec1 : nameobj1_1_spec_val1 : objectivesceptre [this is the name of the sceptre in my mission]obj1_1_type : itemobj1_desc : Nobody crosses me! Must get back Frothley's scepter Creep stole off me. obj2_1_type : customobj2_desc : Pay him back! Drop his incriminating note in a chest so he won't see it till Sam tips off City Watch when I'm gone. obj3_1_args : 400obj3_1_spec1 : overallobj3_1_type : itemobj3_desc : He's small time but Creep may have good stuff stashed he can't fence yet. Shan't leave without at least 400 loot. obj4_1_spec1 : spawnclassobj4_1_spec2 : nameobj4_1_spec_val1 : idPlayerobj4_1_spec_val2 : exitlocation [i've checked it and this is the name of my location trigger]obj4_1_type : locationobj4_desc : Find Creep's front door key. That's my way out when done.
  24. Something else I just noticed is that this keeps coming up on the Console window of DR in red letters. It doesn't sound too good. What does it mean? [eclassmgr] AttributeSuffixComparator: cannot compare 'editor_setKeyValue obj_state' with 'editor_setKeyValue obj_idN' at position 18: invalid integer. It also seems to be the objectives that are the problem: If I leave everything in the level but delete the target_addobjectives entity, my level runs just fine.
  25. I've finally reached the end of the A-Z Tutorial. I excitedly ran TDM and Dmapped. Then I mapped. The loading screen came up... And that was it. Nothing else happened. What am I doing wrong? Let me run by the last few things I did since the level was last loading OK. I'm on page 6 of the tutorial. It was working fine when I set up the pickpocketing, and then I started from here, working on Objectives, Stims and Responses, etc. I also did a couple of finishing touches such as moving a couple of brushes around, but I've got no leaks. My Dmap came out with a couple of warnings, something about nodes having no volume, but I seem to recall that these warnings have been coming up for a while without issues. Any ideas? I wish I could give you an error message to help you diagnose my problem, but nothing comes up. My PC doesn't crash, and I don't get a CTD. All that happens is that the loading screen sill just sit there, endlessly loading and never reaching the end.
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