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  1. Why does the “==“ bit have quotes?
  2. Cool, thanks. Is there a link in the wiki to that article?
  3. Is all of this in the Wiki?
  4. I think you're at the point where you should release a small test map exhibiting the problem, so that someone else can actually see what's happening. It doesn't seem like you're getting anywhere in this discussion.
  5. I might have a lighting issue. Here's a link to a test map. When you start, walk to the edge and look down. You have 2 lights beneath the water, rather dim. Jump into the water and submerge. Note the light brightness has changed. When you come back up and climb out, look again at the 2 lights. Now they're both very bright. Any idea what's going on? If you never submerge, the lights will stay dim forever. Here's my cfg file.
  6. Look for the topic “layers” in the wiki pages
  7. Are you guys using the changetarget (sic) entity? The one that dynamically adds and subtracts targets?
  8. New version working ok, thanks!
  9. The bug is fixed. Thanks. During the installation, I spotted the "restore previous cfg file" button, so I clicked on that. It's been several minutes now, and I'm still seeing the screen below. It presents conflicting information: a "please wait" notice, and an "Installation finished successfully!" notice. There's no indication that anything is happening. Why would it take so long to restore the previous cfg? Or is the screen presenting the wrong information? The cancel button is grayed-out, so I hit the "Close" button and it appears that TDM is using my previous cfg.
  10. So what am I supposed to do to eliminate this installation problem?
  11. When running the installer, I get this error:
  12. Can't use spoiler tags, so here's the file I'm using for beta4.
  13. Has anyone noticed white flashes when traversing visportals? Either one frame is painting all white, or a few are. I think this started with 2.09.
  14. Or I can just remain confused. The normal beta tester shouldn't have to follow "check this, then check that" instructions. Sorry it's not a simple solution, as in "go through a completely new code path".
  15. Would it be possible for each new version to show which version it is? "TDM 2.09-beta04/64" is more informative than "TDM 2.09/64" on the main menu. Thanks.
  16. I might have found an "Edit Objective" problem with 2.11.0pre3 x64. If I bring up ws1_north.map (which can be obtained from the "In the North" pk4), and do the following, I can hang DR: 1. Load ws1_north.map. 2. Select "Map->Objectives...". 3. Select "7 Put card player on patrol when alerted". 4. Select "Alert entity Berthe (blah blah blah)...". 5. DR Hangs. If anyone has another map where card players are put on patrol after being raised to Alert Level 3, it would be good to see if that map also causes a hang. Edit: I now see we're up to pre5. I haven't tested with that.
  17. I’m unable to hide my reply (taaaki working on it), but the game will never be impossible to complete.
  18. @Zerg Rush: Any further clues or suggestions or strategy should be wrapped in spoiler tags, please.
  19. @Bluehawk: Send me a PM with more details on the knockout problem. "Go easy" in what way?
  20. Yes, the Ghost has favorite disguises, and you need to figure out which disguise he's donned for the mission you're playing.
  21. The GUI number is something below 10. try 1, 2, 3, etc. until you find the one that works.
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