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  1. was the AI change done in 2.10 or did I just not realize it until now? I found an option and on hardest mission difficulty the AI seems to be still blind (2nd easiest) but seems to hear everything (not even hardcore). I also had a reoccuring loop of AI which alerted themselfes almost endlessly. One ran into a chandelier which started making a sound even while resting on a table he the guard got even more upset... I will upload the video but it will take some time...
  2. Is there still a mission left which needs to be tested in 2.10? I'm a little confused . Or is there an excel sheet/database which collected all the data?
  3. Thats why I made this post . I actually invested many hours in testing, converting and uploading and gave you the quick guide
  4. If you are a premium/mass viewer youtuber all your videos get vp9. Else each video has to be 1440p, no matter which fps (just tested from 30 to 60). Then this video will get the vp9. But as a smaller one you need now 1440p! (Having smaller sizes like 1398p which is 97% of 1440p isn't enough!)
  5. Yeah, possible not the best video hoster, but I made an overwiev about the results. Most people use YouTube just because its easy (me too^^) I hope you enjoy it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hZJvdhWYC8 Examples taken from Old Habbits #1 - Fan mission
  6. for my YT I actually do it. And I hope thats the best way... (RL-Mail FF, Gaming Mail Chrome ^^) This post was moved but I hope at least the conclusion could make it to the official threads again? Its a pain in the a.. to see the bad codec videos, especially in TDM-Missions...
  7. As far as I know (and googled) you can't choose any encoder. YouTube uses avc automatically for your videos. You get the better vp9 encoder if you upload high quality videos (as I mentioned before) or if you have many seen videos. I played and tested with different video formats and upscaled the resolution to 1152p and it all ended with getting the avc-codec. (Found several old video tutorials which don't work anymore) So for today (22-02-04) you should upload your video in 1440p 60 fps and you will get the vp9-codec. This may not look as good as the recorded video, but way better than a video with the avc-codec. If your high resolution gets vp9 all other resolutions will get vp9 as well (will take some minutes or even hours). My example video is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6vIaatmfhk I just wanna help everyone to share their fan-mission recordings on YouTube. To compare this codecs, I made a screenshot of the same video with avc and vp9 codes, both videos played at 1080p and on the exact same time paused. Here is the vp9-codec: and here is avc-codec:
  8. Doesn't seem to work anymore, all videos get the avc codec which sucks like hell... Atm the only way as a small youtuber to get the vp9 (the much better quality)-codec is to upload a video in 1440p with 60 fps. I'll keep that in mind for the next mission Ill play.
  9. I read many times, that you can get better video results for your videos if you upscale them by small amounts (e.g. uspacle 1080p to sth like 1152p). This is 1 year old and I need to verify if it's still true. But IF it is, you would get better bitrates for the same video quality.
  10. lets continue this talk here:
  11. I'll continie a talk about YT-videos here which we started in the 2.10beta thread.
  12. handbrake doesn't support upsizing anymore... https://handbrake.fr/docs/en/1.3.0/advanced/resizing-video.html I dont wanna start commandline just to upscale a video. Ill make some test if small upcaling still helps the overall video quality.
  13. Finished The Old Habbits 1 Mission! (in 2.10) Here is the YT-Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-UPl0XW4TI It's frustrating to upload a 8 gig video (for almost 1 day) in extreme quality to see it butchered like this Each interesting moment is at the start of a chapter - except the total mission start. I would recommend to fix the few glitches and especially add sth like: "go back where you came from" as and ending trigger. Else it's still a great mission!
  14. next one: You said for updating you need to use the tdm_installer. I don't even have one, the game folder only includes the tdm_update and theDarkModx64 as spllication data. Ofc I can download one from you website but thats not upgrading the game (Sorry to be so precise, Im just worried about people with low PC knowledge) The new installed DM lacks the updater and has an installer, the 32bit? and 64bit app-version in it.. Maybe I still have a real old installation of the game???
  15. Reporting a bug which is here pretty long (Still on the 2.09) When you select a mission and click download it starts as it should (also for multiple missions). But then you can add even more missions which are shown as queued. But only in the GUI. When all downloads (which were there before pressing download now) are finished, later added missions are gone. So please let us either add them to the queue for real or disable this option.
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