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  1. http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/18989-increasing-amounts-of-inability-to-frob/ Hope cross section of this may help.
  2. It got really old explaining to people after the 2016 election that the entire reason for the electoral system was because Hollywood county has more population than many of the states do. Also nobody likes the not-so-transparent aspects, they're the first thing everyone complains about. Patriot act, Obama's backdoor dealings before and after the massive bailouts, the NSA leaks and the fact that neither candidate in the 2012 election bothered to even bring them up as a point of contention, etc.
  3. So I have to ask, what brings you to the Dark Mod forums anyway? This is off topic, so it doesn't really matter, yet I can't help but wonder if you actually play or help develop the Dark Mod or Thief fan missions.
  4. The moment you start a policy where mods ban or lock wastes of time or unpopular things both my videos and this entire thread would be deleted. That is a bad idea.
  5. I just found out Totally Spies not only didn't air a season where they graduated to college in the USA, they also had a movie afterwards and a final season years later.

  6. Kurshok don't like that post, it's not paid time off.
  7. I just want to say without condoning or condemning a congratulations to kurshok for being one of the few individuals to unironically be responded to with the navy seal copypasta out of sheer acknowledgement for level of discourse currently being held.
  8. I'm just going to say both the left and the right have extreme fringes that are quite honestly as disgusting as each other, at least in the USA and Europe right now. I don't like communists. I don't like Nazis. I don't like anyone bigoted towards people based on genitalia or skin color (though I can understand a degree of cultural background). I think it's sad I have to say all this in the current political climate. I think it's saddest I have to recommend we start some kind of politics sub-forum.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PEm_zCgcSsk
  10. The master list, thus far, of Clandestine videos, Edit: Videos published, and removed from thread
  11. Oh good, you're alive. I would've felt like a total asshole if you had died.
  12. I'm thinking of publishing this on April 1st Edit: Videos published, and removed from thread
  13. I will now share with him what I shared with you all to raise his spirits (which it did).
  14. Not really, I feel like half the missions and the setting itself is based in some very morbid cases. Even if it's not in gameplay mechanics or audible form there are many text entries and missions that are flat out dependent or based around very adult subjects, yours coming to mind for obvious and personally voiced reasons. In essence, we'd need an entire rating system, something most users can't be bothered to care for.
  15. I can safely say that in it's current form this is one of the more enjoyable missions to ghost. Has me hyped for whatever you make in the future.
  16. I don't know how to do that. Is it impolite to ask the deed of you?
  17. Briarwood Manor seems to enter a bugged state shown here where I can't unequip inventory and I cannot frob the door in front of me. Save uploaded here.
  18. V-Man339

    Free Games

    http://store.steampowered.com/app/113020/Monaco_Whats_Yours_Is_Mine/ Monaco is free to keep for the day, Highly recommend, fun coop stealth game. Spread the word if you already own it!
  19. V-Man339

    Free Games

    http://store.steampowered.com/app/368420/Mirage_Arcane_Warfare/ Free game is free game, goes ten bucks tomorrow
  20. On why Youtube is so ass compared to how it used to be. Not a huge fan of this guy, but damn if he doesn't make solid points.
  21. Testing how feasible no kill runs are of this game, the first mission in particular being really, really tight about it. I wouldn't really suggest playing like this on authentic difficulty since you can't save, and generally speaking there's just a few too many randomized factors at play. As well, relying on the camera without spotting to see where guards are would be absolute hell. I can safely say I've never seen a game reflect the hopelessness of a zombie apocalypse like this one does on hardest settings. Edit: Videos published, and removed from thread
  22. Seeing Google become a trash fire due to a single (fairly well worded, cited and very centrist, pro-diversity memo) has not assuaged any of the fears this thread has given me.
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