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  1. So I just upgraded to 2.0.9 and noticed screenshots are now saved in compressed jpg (around 80% quality), instead of png like they used to be. Any way to change the format to png? EDIT: Never mind, changed it in the CFG file
  2. Hmm, no luck there. What do I need to do before I can open it?
  3. So I'm stuck, trying to find the sealed section.
  4. I've combed the mission from top to bottom, but can't find the
  5. Thanks! I hadn't seen another way around to a certain area, that moved things forward
  6. I'm completely stuck. I have a host of keys, but still missing keys for This door: https://i.postimg.cc/mkhZcngx/siegeshop_2018-09-27_13.05.52.jpg This cabinet: https://i.postimg.cc/dtktwgfr/siegeshop_2018-09-27_13.07.12.jpg And an armoire in the guard's quarters which cannot be picked
  7. I accessed the study through the , there's something behind them keeping them shut
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