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  1. I'm done the main objectives, but missing a ton of loot. I can't get in here: In desperation, I used the show key commands, which revealed 2 key locations: but neither actually have any keys
  2. I'm mostly done, but wondering where to use As an aside, this is becoming one of my favourite missions, major Rocksbourg: Ink and Dust vibes
  3. Where is the Eastern reading room? The easternmost room I could find is this: But I can't find any
  4. How do I get into the I also can't find a way into the
  5. Any way to access the Is this a bug? I'm out of options
  6. Looks like a graphics bug in mission 2, in the wizard's room (unless this is intentional?)
  7. It was on stencils. I tried maps and so far it hasn't crashed, we'll see
  8. I don't remember if this happened in previous versions, but whenever I shoot a haunt with a fire arrow, the game often crashes. If I shoot and turn away, it won't, but if I'm looking at the haunt as the arrow hits, it crashes about 75% of the time
  9. I'm looking for this mission I played many years back.
  10. I had a previous save in the same area but it also crashes. My exe has Attached is my cfg file Darkmod.cfg
  11. So I started experiencing problems with this mission after updating to 2.10 (not sure if related). In the the game either crashes with a runtime error or nothing at all; or goes back to the main menu, but I keep hearing the sound from the game itself, yet I can't go back. This happened after I returned from completing the main objective. Also, I have no key to get back out of that area.
  12. Is there any way to upgrade directly from 2.09 to 2.10? I ran TDM Update.exe, but it won't detect 2.10. I have no tdm_installer file in my Dark Mod folders. I saw there's a new mission that requires 2.10, which is why I was wondering if it was out of beta
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