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  1. I've combed the mission from top to bottom, but can't find the
  2. Thanks! I hadn't seen another way around to a certain area, that moved things forward
  3. I'm completely stuck. I have a host of keys, but still missing keys for This door: https://i.postimg.cc/mkhZcngx/siegeshop_2018-09-27_13.05.52.jpg This cabinet: https://i.postimg.cc/dtktwgfr/siegeshop_2018-09-27_13.07.12.jpg And an armoire in the guard's quarters which cannot be picked
  4. I accessed the study through the , there's something behind them keeping them shut
  5. So I just updated to 2.05, and was going to fire up Tears of St Lucia just to see some of the new stuff, but it won't install. It's there, it says it installs, the game restarts, but after the restart it says there's no mission installed
  6. That worked, thanks!
  7. Ok here's with Chrome: [spoiler]test[/spoiler] Doesn't work either
  8. Ok here's with Chrome: [spoiler]test[/spoiler]
  9. Spoiler codes aren't working for me: [spoiler]test[/spoiler]
  10. Thanks! Yeah I did, but it's not working for some reason EDIT: Ok it worked with BB Code
  11. Really enjoying this, but need help with a couple doors [spoiler]Where is the key to this door? There's also what looks like a secret door downstairs in the pub, but I can't find a lever or button to open it[/spoiler] Sorry, the spoiler function doesn't work for me
  12. At least as of the latest update, the wait time actually matches the progress bar. Before that it didn't, which was really annoying. If that was improved, I'm sure eventually they'll manage to shorten the wait itself
  13. It's tough to pick only 5, but here goes: 1-Deceptive Shadows 2- Flakebridge Monastery 3- St. Alban's Cathedral 4- The Rift 5- In remembrance of him
  14. CPU: Intel dual core i3-3225 3.30 Ghz RAM: 16 GB DDR3 Video Card: Nvidia Geforce GT 640, 2 GB Asus motherboard OS: Windows 7 Home Premium
  15. Turns out it wasn't a hidden stash, but craftily hidden loot all over the place...look everywhere people, seriously
  16. Is there a loot list made for this mission? I've been everywhere, snatched everything I could get my hands on, but I'm still 2300 short. I'm assuming there must be some secret stash somewhere that I overlooked
  17. ok finished, took me 1:45, amazing mission, definitely going in my top 10. I'm not sure what I did though, I'm almost 3000 short on loot, I'll have to go back in there and scour the whole map...
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