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  1. SOLVED Thank you @nbohr1more for your help! The reason the coloured rabbit wasn't working is because the alpha channel is the same as the one for the black rabbit which only covers the black outlines, but ignores the blank spaces in between. My fault.
  2. How the .tga looks when the alpha channel is registered:
  3. I've made a new sign decal for Frost_Salamander's map (WIP), and for some reason the editor isn't registering the alpha channel when he applies the texture to the patch. The texture is a .tga file with an alpha channel. Please see the attached zip file if you want to examine it. I used the same process for an inventory icon and it worked perfectly. We can't seem to figure out how to make the editor recognize the alpha channel of the texture in order to create a decal. Please help? Hare Signs.zip
  4. Hi all. I could have sworn I once saw a teddy bear with a knitted texture and a missing eye in someone's FM. I even commented on it to the mapper. But I can't for the life of me find it anywhere. Does someone have a teddy bear model? Or is there one hidden in an obscure asset folder somewhere? Asking for a friend
  5. A new Bienie mission? Count me in! I can't wait to try it out.
  6. Wow, thank you so much for this! It's an engaging little mission with a compelling story and a nice layout. I played beta 5 last night, and I found 5230 loot and 6 out of 7 secrets. The optional objectives were all easy (I think you intended it that way?) and the house was full of hidden areas and lots of loot all over the place. It felt really intuitive in many ways, since I was rewarded in every scenario that I expected something to materialize. For example... Thank you very much for taking the time to make this FM for us fans. A small, tight, and detailed mission was exactly the right choice for a first build on your part. I can't wait to see what you come up with next. I suppose I can guess, since it's hinted at in readables throughout this mission
  7. A great, scary little FM. I found 4 of 6 secrets as well as the hidden objective (Penny). Definitely a very spooky atmosphere thanks to the tense music. Nice small touches here and there ("I see you"). Thank you for taking the time to make this. One strange thing I noticed is that the end statistics say that I killed 2 enemies, even though I ghosted the mission. Is that because...
  8. I'm always happy to see another Bienie FM! Definitely something to look forward to. Can't wait for the finished product
  9. Holy sh*t Dragofer, this mission was fantastic for so many reasons: This is easily one of the best FM's I've played in a long time. Could you clarify something for me? One thing to consider: Thank you very much for this great mission. I thoroughly enjoyed it and, as a result, have got no work done today! EDIT: I found 3264 loot and all the hidden areas. A fun map to explore and hunt for treasure.
  10. Wow, Joebarnin, that was a great mission. There's a lot going on here and it was fun to explore every little nook and cranny. I found 3353 loot and 3 of 6 secrets: I was able to complete all of the optional objectives except for finding all of the loot. This was one of the harder missions to figure out how to unlock everything, but there were plenty of clues if you took the time to look. I felt kind of bad... Thank you very much for taking the time to create this FM. I know how much work you mappers put into them, and I truly appreciate it ?
  11. I really like the sound of this. I can't wait to play it once it's out of beta. Thanks for all your hard work, Dragofer.
  12. Thank you for the mission, Jack. I really enjoyed it
  13. Ah, now that you mention it... Regarding what you've said about the issues: I'm real glad to hear that you've started on CoS3! I can't wait to play it. Thanks again, and please keep up the great work. These kinds of highly detailed environments are the best
  14. Bienie, this mission is fantastic! Thank you for taking the time to create it. I've been looking forward to CoS2 ever since I played Pearls and Swine. This map is full of everything I love about Thief/Dark Mod; lots of little hideaways to explore, multiple points of entry to your objectives (I found 5 ways to enter the watch house), hidden loot all over the place, and it's all very atmospheric. The detail you've put into everything is also great and your sense of scale is spot on. I found 4351 loot and 9 secrets, as well as finishing the "ratter" challenge. I encountered just a few issues: Hey, what happened to... Thanks again for this awesome FM. I had a great time exploring everywhere.
  15. Thank you for the FM, Grayman. I love these kinds of straightforward missions (sneak in, steal all the stuff, sneak back out). I easily found all of the loot except for... Looking forward to WS part 6! Thanks again
  16. Hi Goldwell, Thank you so much for this! I was really glad to see Act II and I thoroughly enjoyed the mission. The quality of everything was incredibly high. Great work! I found most of the loot and 5 out of 6 secrets. Thank you yet again. I'm looking forward to Act III :-)
  17. Hi Jack, Thank you for all of the work that you put into creating a new mission for us fans. Seeing that a new FM has been released always feels like Christmas morning for me!
  18. Regarding the fire elementals, something interesting happened during my playthrough... I was waiting for them to pass so that I could pick up the orb at the altar without being seen, when two elementals collided. They then started fighting! They kept rising up toward the top of the cavern while taking turns to hurl fireballs at each other. I don't know if that was intended or if it was a happy little accident, but it kept them out of my hair and made me chuckle. I remember thinking, "that's right, f*** each other up... while I sneak off with the loot!"
  19. @JackFarmer @Springheel Setting "open doors on unlock" to ON allowed the safes to open when the correct codes were entered. Thank you for the workaround. I prefer to keep that setting off during normal gameplay, but it did allow me to finish this mission. Thank you for the help
  20. Hi Jack, I have the same problem as GUFF. Neither the coded safes in the bank nor the one in the manor will open for me. Entered the correct code(s), unlocking sound happens, but access is denied. Can't get into any of them. I was able to "noclip" into the bank safes, but that doesn't work in the manor (can't frob the chalice). Can't finish the mission. Playing on v2.06, Win x64
  21. Hi Bienie, Thank you for this awesome little Christmas-themed mission. "...got me by the ornaments" & "Flying Taffer Spotted!" LOL I found 1179 loot and 2 out of 3 good deeds. Two things you should be aware of... I liked the snow effect and the Christmas lights, music boxes etc. Nice job
  22. Hi joebarnin, I'm not here to sign up (I prefer to play the finished product), I just want to say that I think it's awesome that you've decided to spend your free time making FM's for us fans. Thank you for your dedication, it is very much appreciated. Immersing myself in Thief-style worlds is my most favorite thing. Congratulations on your retirement, and thanks again!
  23. Great mission, thank you Grayman! It's my first time playing on v2.06 and it felt like a big upgrade to me. The atmosphere in this FM is fantastic, especially when you... I found all 3493 loot on my first playthrough without breaking a sweat. Everything was placed/hidden intuitively, which was great. It took me a minute to work out how to use the magic key, though :-) Thank you for all of the hard work that went into this. EDIT: In case anyone else has trouble figuring out how to use the magic key, you have to...
  24. Hi Bienie, I just enjoyed a second playthrough. Found all loot and secrets! That's the first time I've managed to find everything in a TDM mission. There was one coin that I intentionally left behind and just counted as "found". You know which one. I really struggled to find the last secret... Here's a list of all 11 secrets, just in case anyone gets stuck:
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