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  1. I have a mechanical "bookshelf rotator" (or whatever you call that) using Strunk's STAR prefab: https://www.vidlii.com/watch?v=8w9UQSFUaMy I want to put a book into one of the shelves that the player can pick up and read. Movables books and scrolls do not move with the bookshelf and if I bind one of them to the bookshelf, they become non-frobable. How can I do that?
  2. That's not correct English? Oh lord, how embarrassing. I have been using this phrase for years now. I do not recall precisely, but I think I adopted this "saying" during my work stays in Singapore and KL ca. ten years ago....
  3. Thanks, will check and revert to you.
  4. Then it looks like in the shot above plus the flame is visible. I thought it would be possible to trigger torches like regular lights.
  5. I've tried your suggestion as well on both a combination of flame entity plus torch torch model and one of the torch entities: After triggering, only the "light" (or whatever you call that) of the flame is visible, but not the flame particle effect itself.
  6. I want to activate torch flames through completion targets from the objectives editor. The flame entities received the following properties: Result: triggering only activates the light texture, but not the particle effect. What is my mistake?
  7. Yes, the pitch black attic was a design decision and there are actually two ways to illuminate it. Apparently, you missed the second possibility, which I did not include deliberately in the first place. As for the zombie, you should not worry; I looked after him the other day and he is still happy with all the mild vapours that are to increase his body temperature. Although, things might change once the experiments move on! Anyways, thanks for playing and your kind words! Jack
  8. Congratulations! Just started playing a little bit, truly a different concept! The scene with the horse provides for apocalyptic vibes!
  9. I've tried as per your suggestion, but that does not change anything. I already found one mistake: I used the objective "Entity in info location" instead of "Entity in location", but it is still not working. I will create a test map for the objective and start from scratch. UPDATE: @Dragofer You've pointed me in the correct direction; the component "DO NOT" needs the flag "Satisfied at start". Now it works as it should. Thank you!
  10. I want to create the following setup: a. The player must not enter a certain area (airlock) before he found a certain item (explosive). b. If the player enters the airlock without possessing the explosive, then the objective AND the mission shall fail. c. If the player enters the airlock and possesses the explosive, then the relevant objective shall be completed and the player can move on to the next area. I have created the following with the objectives editor, but I do not get it working in any way. Maybe I am confusing some things here...
  11. @grayman @demagogue The two of you were right: corrupted portals (grayman) placed in holes (demagogue). dema, your foreseeing abilities are gradually scaring me.
  12. How can I check the location/positon of the areas mentioned in the console report above? Is there a special viewer in DR for that?
  13. Yes, you are right; I will try it this way. Thanks!
  14. Yes, you are right. It would be cool to have something for this as I like to create wilderness and cave missions.
  15. How do I tell these fellows to rotate? I cannot find anything in the WIKI entity list, and I have tried start_off/start_on/off/on...but nothing works.
  16. This Silent Hill thing is not a free game one can download? I would like to check this one out as it looks like a dramatic improvement of the PSX original. How do they produce these games? Is there some sort of "Dark Radiant for HL2 "? Sorry for the dumb questions, I do not do much outside Thief/DM (especially when it comes to video games I prefer Playstation formats) and started mapping only because I happened to see a DM promo video in which an off-voice reported "it is very easy to create missions with the Dark Radiant".
  17. Using SEED with already existing 7,000+ (I think the problems started with ca. 7,200, not sure anymore) entities prevented HHI from compiling (although I only combined 10 - 12 entities in one case). Later on in the process I was able to reduce the entity count to a lower value by merging func_statics as per demagogue's suggestion. However, it seems to be a good idea using the SEED function long before the entity limit comes in sight.
  18. @Jedi_Wannabe You have added trees in the corner and additional bushes close to the walls, very good idea. Did you "SEED" the hassocks?
  19. I want a guard to sit down, then write x seconds into a book, then sleep for x seconds, the write x seconds, then sleep for x seconds, etc. Thus, I have created the following setup: In the game, everything works ok, but the guard does not wake up anymore, he sleeps permanently. Why is that? Does the wait option not work with path_sleep? I have tried C with pathcycleanim and added the sleep animation, but it does not work correctly, as only the "go to sleep" anim is repeated for 60 seconds,
  20. Thanks, but, converting to f_s does not change anything. I will try your other suggestions and will let you know here.
  21. @STRUNK No, they remain static, just as real geometry. The closer to the center position, the smaller, until they finally vanish:
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