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  1. Ok ,, what I did diferently with placing the fence, was rotating the fence itself. All things I placed or cut before, I was rotating the map. So I tried placing it while rotating the map now, keeping the fence brushes straight .. and it works. https://ufile.io/5l3kcms1
  2. LDAsh "or if it does run cause other glitchy issues." I had parts of faces dissapear and seems emerging. If finally something looked good, somewhere else there suddenly were other gliches. Now that I made the map again, not using the substract tool, but the clipper tool instead, rotating the hole map 72 degrees every time to make straight cuts, I didn't have problems, until I was placing the fencing and rotated the fence rather then the whole map ... so that would explain a lot. "press V then I, then press CTRL+G" Does that also work for the smalest gridsize?
  3. The result till now, inspired by mh444 not to make dull rectangular rooms : ) ( ) https://ufile.io/yzd062c0 I'll probably run into a lot more "problems" for I'm a noob : ) Thanx for all your comments and solutions!
  4. NP Jack. Springheel. It worked! I have a simpje fence, wall, that I wanted to place in all 5 corners of the pentagram, but in one corner it just didn't work, and leeked. Now I have firts put the wall/fence there, in that angle, tested it and it leaked. Then selected all brushes and exported it as a model, and replaced it with that and voila .. no leaks.
  5. Springheel. Ok, that could just be the trick.Thanx, I'm gonna try it.
  6. Well I did Jack .. and VanishOne .. 17 was was the same map as 16 with only one group, a little wall, moved a tiny bit : s Every thing I did caused gliches on other things at some point. It seemed almost hopless : D But: Today I started all over again and kept to grid allignment as much as possible .. and so far it worked. : ) https://streamable.com/dfdp5
  7. Hi there builders I'm new on the forum and have a very fundamental question. What are the key rules to avoid glitches and maps that won't load .. exept from the voidleaks? I'm trying to build a pentagonal courtyard but it just does't seem to work. Here a short video of what I'm doing ... because I'm doing things wrong and you masterbuilders might be able to tell me what it is: https://streamable.com/pa3z2 5 days ago I started with DarkRadiant, last 3 days I have been wondering: Why cant I make what I want without glitching? I figure it might have to do with angles and/or allignment/snapping to a certain grid size .. Is there a limit to that? And if so, where is it?
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