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  1. MM: I think it's scroll #2 (in a cavern while hunting runes) or #3. One of those. Thanks, now I can get back. Sitting on the one with the diamonds & mine
  2. You'll see the service key. It's next to a dead human. Don't think you can miss it
  3. Found the fuses. Now I'm finding Runes to be exact. I looked up at the zombie tower with the hovering rock & thought, Hope you saved your water arrows I am actually stuck up in the zombie tower where there are the 3 images of runes. Or what do I do here? It was scary as F to get up here!!
  4. Literally right next to it. where you found the other one... Tricky The key goes in the
  5. Can I get a hint (what area) on where Fuse 1 may be? Found 2 & 3 and started the 2 of 3 rings in the generator room. Nice to look at
  6. Yeah, I found those when back tracking
  7. Umm Fire arrows? Thought of those, so where do I find those? By the time I get an answer to that they'll probably all be dead anyhow (now that I know the secret to those lol) Gonna try to close & reopen everything again...
  8. Nice new mission :) Just having some issues with keys. Found 2 that are unfrobbable, so far: 1 in the Took forever to get that unlocked with the robot guard & once inside that key too is unfrobbable. Those keys are important right? Are those robot guards stoppable with something?
  9. Is anyone else getting "Shader not found" at the end after getting out of the house. The courtyard now has a bridge across and out of the walled in area. The sky is pulsating too. Also with "Shader Not Found". Lets me go to the other side of the gates with the dead horses. Lots of pretty colors and cubes definetly a bug! Can't end the mission....
  10. Wow, something other than the US elections to watch Thank you OhOh. Before Windows 7 it was easy to change the extensions for files, but honestly I don't know how to do it in Win 10. Except photos in PS6 Can you please upload the *.pk4 file, so I can get playing?
  11. I got the first 2 & the loot. Which other(s) is needed for that?
  12. Hey again, took a mini-vacation to Denmark, but now I'm back. Up on the cliff overlooking the skeletons and golden doors. In the corner is a shelf with a switch (picture included, sorry about the circle, paintbrush). Having a hard time getting up there. Is it frobbable? Is it the 1st switch to pull?
  13. I got 2 questions. In the atrium, what triggers the conversation? I've been all around the atrium & I'm on the catwalk, but nothing happens, so the objective won't tick off. As for the opal. Do I turn the security thing off somewhere? I tried using rope arrows to lower myself from the beam above the opal, but I get fried every time. Now that I found the other 3 things, also electrified. I believe it has something to do with the 4 panels in the basement. Is there a timer linked to those video panels and the prizes?
  14. Got it. Where do I go to find out what happened to the citadel?Back where the jumbo stairs are that lead up to a cliff looking down at the skeletons, there's a bunch of mini cliffs to the
  15. Mine is set to "L". R is set for Run. My settings are set to Thief 1. All the Thief versions are set to Thief 1 I didn't do the crane yet. As for the 3 things. Any ideas?
  16. As for these things. I can't get them to stick to those frobable boxes where the skeleton is. Killed him. & how do I get into the little building with the blue glow?
  17. yeah I got the 3 things needed for the scepter. Of course I'm going down there
  18. Is there something down that hole with the waterfall?
  19. The screenshots did not save to the folder. Took my phone picture & brought the size down with photoshop. Crap the picture I uploaded was wider. You can see a little of the jumbo spiral staircase on the right. Wish I had a COMPASS lol There's another tunnel leading out to the woods, but I didn't explore that yet. Oh and a dead end tunnel with a gold plate & ruby. I'm baffled how this came to be. You created the map & brushes/rooms right?
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