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  1. The screenshots did not save to the folder. Took my phone picture & brought the size down with photoshop. Crap the picture I uploaded was wider. You can see a little of the jumbo spiral staircase on the right. Wish I had a COMPASS lol There's another tunnel leading out to the woods, but I didn't explore that yet. Oh and a dead end tunnel with a gold plate & ruby. I'm baffled how this came to be. You created the map & brushes/rooms right?
  2. Maybe now I can find out how to get to the pictures I've taken over the years with TDM (where is that folder?) It can't be a flaw. That would be too weird. It's a lengthy tunnel with glowing mushrooms from where the giant spiral staircase is. It goes through solid rock & then there you are on the inside behind the doors. Can hear the skeletons on the other side. The pic I took with my phone is to big. If you tell me how to get to the ingame pictures I'll send the exact location.
  3. oh wow, really? I can keep playing this version right? I hate everything undead without fire arrows and or holy water... I'm just waking up, give me a little bit to wake up & I'll go in. It's saved right there, cuz I thought the whole thing was weird & funny at the same time. How did that back door happen without your knowledge? As for the switches. Those 5 on the 'mainland'. Levers is probably a better word. There's one by a window that I never got to either. 3 on the shoreline. Havn't found the 5th one though. So I am on the right path then? The caves come first & then the expedition camp/quarters. Where do I get artillery for the skeletons?
  4. Ok, so I finally found the bloody thing! Isn't the Quarters & chapel supposed to come before part 3 - The Caves? I think I took a wrong turn somewhere... I'm in the citadel now & I'm not armed for any of that in any way. Found some back cave that leads past the walking skeletons by the golden doors & end up ... Skipped the 5 switches too it seems. What were they supposed to do?
  5. The only one I find different is the one in the If this isn't the one, can someone please tell me what room it's in? I really want to go forward now... I'm sure there's a lot more things ahead after the airlock...
  6. Actually that note won't highlight... I read about that being a problem somewhere. Can you just give me the code? OK, updated the fm to version 2, so now everything is frobable. The note has an objective attached to it. Just the code wouldn't have worked. Please just tell me though. Where is the bloody ??? "To the left of the
  7. The only framerate issues I get is in the dungeon...
  8. That was an awesome mission! Now I'm gonna restart the whole mission & run it again. Found only 2,44? of the treasure. 2 of 11 secrets. The 2nd time around usually reveals a lot more Had an issue in part 1. Want to see if it does it again from a clean slate.
  9. Yupp, that objective is in the Riverside mission. Sorry about that. Thanks for the help so far. Remembered the boiler room in the basement Got some new questions though... switch What does it do? switch in Duquesne's office, what does it open? I hear it opening something, but can't find what... I'm guessing Is there a code for the gold hammer? Pawnbrokers house, can't find the
  10. This a very interesting mission indeed. I'm in the past now, but I can't find the painting anywhere. I know it's somewhere obvious, yet... As for the "unique" item I'm supposed to find, would that be in the past or future? Hints please. As for this other mission "Down by the Riverside". I don't remember that one. Gonna go look for that one now... AHAA... I was in Sweden last time when Down by the Riverside was released & I wasn't playing here back then. Weird that I didn't catch it when I got home to Florida!
  11. Great mission so far, but now I'm stuck. I got the stuff needed for the time machine, but how do I turn on the power to the house? Oh and the secret switch, down under what exactly does that do? I looked both upstairs and around.
  12. I found a bug by mistake. When I started playing today I forgot I wasn't supposed to kill Anybody. When I got to the dock at the lake I climbed up on the dock while they kept talking and shot the archer in the head and he died without bothering the objectives. The guy without the torch had to get ko'd. Just say'n Can you give me a hint on where the code is to the living area? The blinking blue hallway doesnn't have the same code. Got for the hopper. Cool sub btw. Is it in the lab or do I have to go way back to the mansion
  13. I have the Lock & Storage keys. They haven't opened anything yet.
  14. I'm guessing you have TDM set to its original settings. What would "R" be? I set my settings (keyboard layout) to Thief 1 decades ago & kept it that way ever after with all versions. I have never been able to get a slow match to work. There were always fire arrows around too...
  15. Hey guys, I'm having issues in the bank. When I open lock box #2 the gold coins & stuff won't frob, so I can't take it... Also the display case with the trophy (the one with the key), the trophy/gold cup won't budge either That's not supposed to happen right?
  16. & you think you're the dummies? I got the station map, but now I don't know where to go ?? Knocked everyone out inside and out. Obviously I'm missing something. Found 2 locked doors. 1 on the roof & the other inside somewhere. Where are the keys to those? Is that where I need to go to move on? Where's the airlock? Are there any fire arrows in this mission to to stop the annoying robots?
  17. oh yeah, having some issues with the password system on the server again, so I opened this account too... I'm aka Acolyte6
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