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  1. Zero secrets, and only the bare minimum of loot... I'm not a good enough tomb raider, it seems. Nice touch with the , I was worried I wouldn't find it what it would open before I'd be done with the mission.
  2. Done. An overall solid FM as we've come to expect of the Goldwell Seal of Quality (TM) ; I did especially appreciate how is a challenging little segment that cannot just be stealth-crouched through - easily fixed with noisemakers, a bit of violence or swift legs, but still refreshing to be forced into it!
  3. I'm not done with the FM yet but wanted to point out my confusions:
  4. Very solid FM. I'll admit I didn't actually *end* the mission in spite of fulfilling the main objective because I didn't quite feel up to grind the loot, but I might finish that someday.
  5. Right. The ultimately compressed time to complete the mission, of sort. I must admit though, forcing the player to find/buy the lockpicks was a clever way to force some exploration
  6. Right, I've finished it. I suppose it won't hurt if I'm the n-th person to tell you this is a masterpiece. And damn, I'm surprisied I could only find 50% of the total loot, but then again I know I consciously did not bother looking further for the
  7. I haven't completed the mission yet but damn me, I absolutely want to chime in because was awesome! Edit: Oh and, it backfired. Turns out Speaking of which, there are a few typos here and here, mostly in the written notes, but I'm thinking about it now because
  8. A short but enjoyable mission! Reconciled me with the mod after a few other missions than disappointed me somewhat. Pros: Loot distribution is mostly fair (not too hidden/on top of very high furniture, I hate that) and I didn't have to go back to complete the loot requirement. Puzzles are straightforward without being too dumbed down either. Plenty of moments where it's safe to sprint, but there's also places where a cocky player will be punished for it. "Utility" moments that do not break immersion too much (e.g the game , and the player character . Cons: I felt like most important enemies are too easy to blackjack, as they're either not patrolling/moving, or patrol on sound-damping surfaces (carpets...). Some alternate paths/secrets could have been welcome. "My own" issues: All in all, thank you and well done - and R.I.P to Grayman, which I did not know before playing this.
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