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  1. The level design discussion is interesting. This is something I noticed as far back as around 2009, so I wasn't too far off from Hourences' observation. I've worked with many editors and engines and I grew incredibly dissatisfied with newer tools because they required me to specialize in other fields, especially modelling which is something I honestly don't care about in the slightest. I can model stuff in Maya easily, but I'd rather work on scenes or layouts and I'm a terrible texture artist anyway. I also don't like putting meshes around much, it feels incredibly restrictive compared to the almost freeform BSP editors of old, where building feels a lot more organic to me. Putting meshes around is also really irksome where their dimensions are bonkers and you have no way to resize/reshape them in editor (I'm looking at you Hammer). It's why I always preferred Lego to Playmobil when I was a kid, one of them gives you a basic toolset to go nuts with while the other gives you some preset stuff that feels very limited after a while. Scenes done with meshes instead of BSP also tend to look copy-pasted a lot and often feel artificial to me somehow. Melan: I still browse Mapcore from time to time. Last thing I posted there were screenshots of my Persian Quake level. That was around 2015 iirc. Time flies.
  2. Thanks, that did the trick. Should've tried that.
  3. Hey, I'm trying to update to 2.05 but the updater is stuck in a loop. It will check my local 2.04 files and then download tdm_update_win.zip (1.5mb). However, when I click Restart, it starts the process all over again. I've tried renaming the folder to no effect. The game is not installed in Program Files or any secure folder. The updater worked fine when I updated to 2.04 when it was released (on the same machine).
  4. The thing is level designers and environment artists are on very tight schedules and work on many things at once, so errors and mistakes like that are bound to happen. Besides, a crushing majority of people will never notice most of that.
  5. TDM's lockpicking mechanic is the best I've seen in any stealth game so far. Takes the simplicity of Thief 1 and 2's and adds a new layer with possible failure, making the thing more stressful if enemies are around. It doesn't feel like a minigame at all to me. One of the few good things introduced in Thi4f and I wish was in TDM is that your lockpicks make noise if you fail, which could potentially alert guards who are very close by.
  6. There is a high resolution image in the pk4 file (open it with 7-zip or another zip explorer).
  7. Hahaha, I didn't even think of doing that, though I figured out how to get there quite easily using the intended method.
  8. As usual I'd be more than happy to help.
  9. The screenshots look rad, especially the fourth. The whole thing has a very peculiar eerie feel that I've never quite seen done in TDM before. Good luck with the test!
  10. This is an excellent mission through and through, with a very TDP-like feel mostly thanks to the dark textures, the overall deep darkness in the manor and the brilliant use of sounds to create a very unwelcoming atmosphere. Definitely one of the best TDM missions I've played in a while! I asked this on TTLG but I will also ask here: One little bug I found: there is a solid brush with brick textures on the floor in the dining room.
  11. Come on, taken on its own Masks is fantastic. It's actually one of my favorites from T2. Too bad the rather horrid Casing really spoils it.
  12. Yeah that really feels like Gervaisius' library.
  13. Dominus has taken a whole bunch of shots of Carol Reed's The Third Man. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B6YxBwmB63FKTkhEbjI2dDlqamM&usp=sharing
  14. Looks amazing. Only criticism I have is that the fencing on top of the roof on the right from 0:15 to 0:20 looks "unnatural". The two other sides should be visible.
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