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  1. I realize this isn't a tech forum, but I know some of you are hardware specialists, so I thought I might get some help and advice. As you may remember from about 18 months ago, I built my own system, including a steam-punk-ish wooden case. For reasons I can't justify now, I went with 32 gb of ddr3 1600 9 9 9 24 ram (Patriot, 4X8gb). Two of the original sticks failed memtest. So I went with just the 16gb, not realizing that I could return the defective memory until about a month ago. I sent the bad memory back to Patriot and they graciously replaced it. However, the replacement memory has tw
  2. I just want to add my thanks. I just learned about the standalone goal had been reached, and this is a major accomplishment. You've renewed my interest and provided additional incentive to finishing my mission. Thank you for all the hard work over so many years.
  3. Good lord there is some excellent gameplay in this mission. And it is huge!
  4. Is it worthwhile to request 2.0 for a current WIP? Or is there really no advantage to that? Thanks.
  5. It took me awhile to get used to as well, and I very much dislike having to worry about sealing the void. Nevertheless, Dark Radiant is a remarkably flexible editor. I've not yet released my work, but I am now more comfortable building with it than I ever was with DromEd.
  6. @Theothesnopp "The Turin Horse" has that same maddeningly slow pace and bleak outlook. Every shot in the film is about five minutes long. But the impatience and discomfort of watching it convey the meaning of the film. I didn't enjoy it....yet the images and the experience have stuck vividly in my mind several weeks now. Besides, in what other film can you watch people eat boiled potato with bare hands. There is a gimmicky quality to his work though. My wife watched the first two shots with me before turning with a grin: "Are you seriously going to watch this?"
  7. Good topic! In my first life, I was an ABD in English. I'm an eclectic reader (and film buff... just saw The Turin Horse). Right now I'm reading "Caleb Williams" a novel from 1794 by William Godwin, and it's very good. It's often considered the first "mystery novel."
  8. Obsttorte, that was indeed the loot I was missing. Quite hair-raising to reach, as I had no more water arrows for that nearby torch.
  9. Yes, except there is no pk4 left in my folder either. Anyway, like I said, the backup is at home, when I get there.
  10. This is more a TDM problem than a DarkRadiant problem, but it pertains strictly to mappers. It might also have to do with 1.08, I'm not sure. Anyway, on TDM a few minutes ago, I decided to load up the mission I've been building (haven't done this since updating to 1.08. I noticed it was 101mb...and I clicked that "clean" button on the loader page after reading that it only deletes saved games, etc... This reduced the reported size to 256k. Hmm.... So now it doesn't load and dmap returns an error of file not found. I've hunted through the folders and the mission no longer seems to exist
  11. Obsttorte, thank you for kicking off the new year of TDM right! This was a fun mission. I played it last night on the Shadow difficulty...very challenging, and I am afraid I had to reload more than usual, but it was wonderfully challenging! You do have a bit of an evil streak, putting that second I'm amazed you pulled all that together in a few weeks. I liked the sloping yardwork and foilage. Does that use the SEED system? I'm missing 75 loot (1475 out of 1550), and I'm at a loss where it could be. Here's some of the trickier or more easily overlooked loot that I did find: Has
  12. A few bugs were noted elsewhere in this thread, TDM related. I saw a few more and am adding them here to eventually trace the cause. There was a chest I don't at the moment remember her name, but the weeping girl near the beginning Might not be a bug, but There are so many great details in this mission, I could write a long while about them. But here are a few that struck me in particular. Some have already been mentioned:
  13. Finished with the first run. First the stat stuff: Played the highest difficulty, ghosting, had to reload 4 times from being detected by proximity. Play time: 8.5 hours (sorry, no speed-runs here!) optional objectives fulfilled (LOVED these) 0 blackjacks 9 pockets picked 7 damage dealt (not sure from what...maybe from a crate I accidentally dropped 0 damage taken 5576 of 5686.....darn it, where'd I miss this 110? Anyone have an idea? Edit: 3 stealth score Grayman, like others have said, you have raised the bar again....I think we're now in the realm of pole-vaulting. This is top t
  14. Remarkable, amazing, brilliant! I love this mission. Not done yet, finally down "below" and psyching myself up for the nasties down there. I'll post more about this incredible mission when I finish. Just a comment about maps and the chapel/church.
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