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  1. I played this thing a few years ago when it game out as a HL2 (source engine) mod for free. It was the way for me to play through HL1 as I never played it back in the day. So this version is that with multiplayer? Or am I misunderstanding something?
  2. Here: It's in Shingle Plaza a random room that is only accessible through a window high up (top left in the screen below):
  3. Why not improve something, get it ever closer to perfection? Updating bugs and imperfections upon final release seems like the obvious thing to do for these kinds of campaigns anyway. Of course, if there is no wish and the product is already considered to be good enough, that's a valid choice also. That said, I only noticed one bug myself so far: That funny thing aside, it's quite a blast so far. I am taking one route and Fen took a completely different route. I can already feel a high replay value. I'm at a point in my gaming life where I only play big releases and maybe don't even play those fully through, but I am enjoying the heck out of this so far and now that it's Christmas time, I'm going to even finish this. One question: is this a planned to be the thing to introduce newcommers with? Like the "OMs" that define this game? Or do you reckon it's past that point and are simply making one hell of a campaign? I ask this because partially cause it seems like a fairly difficult first mission to throw a new player into. Also this seems quite big for something with the name "prologue" attached to it. Is it smaller than I think it is or is it just tiny compared to what is to come? Edit: LOL, I love this mission. I just had the goofiest moment I've ever had in TDM. I alerted some guys, jumped into the canal, sneaked back out, waited in the dark for the most alert guy to deal with the fact that he lost me and when he finally did and walked by me I blackjacked him (I was standing in the dark almost perpendicular to direction he was facing) - he stopped and contemplated what had just happened. I stood there as well for like 3-5 seconds, contemplating if he's really not going to kill me. Then I blackjacked again and he fell down. I had no idea someone would fall at 2 knocks, lol, especially since both were identical. I'm guessing it's cause he had been alerted, but that really took me by surprise.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions. Tried them all but none worked. My Darkmod.cfg file is below, but I'm not sure what it'll help. Other missions load alright.
  5. Yes. I even ran on a clean reboot. I got 8 GB of RAM, if that is not enough to run this FM then the phrase "less than optimal" is an understatement. I only got a couple of gigs free space on my drive though, but that isn't usually a problem with games either... Edit: Tried to load in window mode, monitoring my drive and RAM - both basically stood where they were without even running the game. RAM only increased by ~8%. Edit2: Downloaded from in-game downloader still crashes. I just don't have much bigger imagination than this. Tried to run A House of Locked Secrets - loaded quickly and beautifully.
  6. Congratulations on the release! This FM looks like something special. I can't seem to run it, though. Am I the only one? It crashes on the loading screen while it still says "Generating World" (after loading a few bits after about 15 seconds or so). I have a middle-end laptop but it can run The Dark Mod. I'm using the latest version (ran the update again). I tried downloading the mission again from another mirror, no luck.
  7. Alright, finally played this mission. It was immersive and fun. Loved all the pipes and vines and chains (especially the short chains) outside the... building (as well as many other details like the secret-ish areas (and secret area where I found my 9th bonus crystal)). Immersion only broke when I got around the map 5 times and couldn't, like many here, find that one exclusive piece of cheese (and it was insult to injury when I couldn't just take any fish or apples or bread or whatnot from the well-stocked kitchen). Though, even before that, I went to some places multiple times while still finding new areas of the map cause the layout is so maze-like (but 3-dimensional). And that is why I am overall glad that the AI weren't difficult, otherwise that would end up being very annoying, as I am absolutely horrible at melee combat so I wouldn't just be able to get rid of everyone (I did manage to kill one of those guys though, but he took most of my health and I never managed to kill another person with my remaining health again). Could have used a hint or two for some items within the map to make the story a little less distant from the player and more interactive, if you will, though it was a rather believable place on its own. I liked the setting from the start, I don't think I've seen anything quite like it before. Now I think I should have rated the story a little higher. But hey, looking forward to seeing something unique from you again sometime. Thanks for the mission!
  8. Hehe, yes, the same one. Glad you liked 'em. Haven't reviewed anything there in ages.
  9. Oh, I forgot to post a thank you to the author. Thank you, moonbo. I played this mission a few days ago and it is the best time I have had with The Dark Mod to date! It is such a masterpiece on every level. The visuals, the music, the environments and even the story. At first I thought it's pretty good, but when I got to the church area and the church-y music started playing in the background, I realised this is something special... and it only got better and better. And some more better. Surpassed my expectations roughly tenfold. Thank you, man.
  10. Hey, does anybody know the status of grayman's "William Steele" next installment?
  11. Hello, Cool mission, but I can't get very far into it because I can't quickload. Each time I try to it throws me back to menu and says "couldn't load [..]\The Dark Mod\maps\requiem.script. I checked the The Dark Mod folder and noticed that I don't have a "maps" folder to begin with. Is this related to the fact that my install is quite fresh? Could it also be because I downloaded the mod bit-by-bit as my tdmupdater/internet crapped out multiple times? Thanks, Thor.
  12. Hm I wonder if I should participate. I haven't released a single thing yet due to lack of time and motivation. I guess I'll try and build my small mission over the holidays and see if it goes along this contest's lines.
  13. Hey, guys, Decided to do build some caves and it can be a lot of fun but a while back I came across some obstacles I know not how to fix. Mainly my problem is with the corners marked by the red arrows. Just why are they being so cranky? Admittedly, they are essentially just tightly squeezed patch planes, but I did not anticipate this kind of problem. Also wouldn't hate to get rid of the obvious texture cuts marked in green, if possible. Oh, and in DarkRadiant Lighting Preview rendering mode it looks like this (if that says anything).
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