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  1. In HL1 You had to move in undergrounds, somehow in HL2 they use same rule in apartment blocks. I can't remember how many of them become a one-way street -and it was just laziness of designers.
  2. Guys, do You have some architectonic data base of blueprints, of common buildings and city structures? It is easy to find church or castle's plans, but nothing else, and study of genuine mediaeval or later buildings will be vital for anyone who want to work on editor. They are for sure boring, (there will be probably hallway and rooms just on one side of it) but it is no point in inventing of something what we wish to imitate. Or accurate mapping of building facades, is there any site there You can find exhaustive description?
  3. One question about light: I have horizontal spot light, and next to it there is a mirror. While I cant see my shadow in FPP on wall, I see my self and my shadow on wall in mirror. I assume a player model is not rendered in FPP, but can I change it?
  4. Wow, new city over the lost city. It looks even more odd than I thought. About technical side, there is still hard to avoid open spaces, it will probably looks like 'rooms' filled with 'opened' building.
  5. Sry, I've looked at some 'abandoned places' threads but in vain.edit: another shot but still nameless.
  6. I love such places, too bad demolished buildings have so complex geometry and it's so hard to place portals... And here some fine interiors and trinkets: http://www.gardnermuseum.org/
  7. For this point we just have make straight english version, but yeah we should think about multilingual one. I will ask admin to add You to thread, just check out link again later.
  8. You should see "Crystal Grave beta" (http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/13724-crystal-grave-beta/) thread in "Editing & Feedback" forum bookmark.
  9. This polishing, improving and repairing "improvements" seems to have no end, but I hope release is really close now. And we still welcome betatesters, so if anyone want to help just give a sign!
  10. I've just realised that fire arrow can be confusing for players not familiar with Thief environment. It light up player without proper warning, making him vulnerable to all AI in sight. Maybe it will be better to add a light cone around inventory icon, or just take all what's come with fire source and put in-game a light point similar to pocket lantern? Another thing are rats: they sometimes randomly wander in corner of door frame and stuck there, causing human AI unable to pass by doors (and if there are no alternate route, and door is unbreakable, even player could be trapped and forced to restart mission). Is there any monster_clip_aas_rat to place around movables?
  11. Translation problem is already solved, I forgot to mention that.
  12. No need to rush with it, lets people enjoy Beginners contest stuff.
  13. You are in! Anyone else? (I know the time is not right, beginners contest's offspring is on top now and I probably could wait ONE MORE week, ahhh ).
  14. I NEED SOME BETA - TESTERS! Just to be sure, we need someone with fresh eye to walk through mission and say there are no problems. I will be glad to see both people with editing experience and just curious players to check a last hole on map.
  15. Current one have more stiff torso, but can be accurate when character wearing breastplate or a backpack.
  16. One thing I miss from Thief is elemental crystals -at least in T3 they was emitting a low sound... What if smell itself of spices will be presented in form of very gentle sound? And if G. had a light-gem, he can have any other sort of detector. (yes yes team don't wish to add any new stuff -it's just brain storming)
  17. It will be better idea to give a photos/ sketches of desired objects (it work also with characters you want to hit). It is more convincing than any game mechanic. If you can obtain a map, there is no reason why you can't get other help to scroll under "M" key.
  18. ...And here we introducing hallucinations. A lot of walking hallucinations. You try to bash a man but instead you just flip some hat stand. You surprised if hat stands can move? A good objective is intriguing one.
  19. Depends on equality factor in society. Hi-tech machines are for wealthy citizens and merchants, but -as someone already say it- simple peasant didn't see a gold coin in his whole life. Regarding what in real life villagers was just slaves attached to small area, and farmers before WW2 don't believe in radio (didn't get how human voice can travel several miles between cities), You can assume any dissonance portraying machine age-in- medieval.You need mass production and many varied factories to assume that something is available to anyone, and I think TDM world is still dependent on blacksmiths. Or I'm terribly wrong?
  20. Some painting pigments can be more valuable than pure gold, so can be salt or sugar a good target for burglar. In first half of XIX century aluminium cutlery was nearly expensive as platinum one (it was difficult to gain pure metal). Don't forget a printing press is just invented, so many of books are handwritten and extremely expensive (somehow paintings on wall are more popular loot in game). Also thief can always search for info-based valuables, like bills, stamps and sigils, blueprints, or debt lists. There could be also mechanical containers like audio-rollers - even perforated sheet for robots and other machines may have same value as... keys. One more thing is origin of 'key ring' in hands of default thief: in old times padlocks are simple mechanisms and only few ppl are rich enough to order original model -most of them are quite similar and those few keys on ring have good chance to fit encountered lock. A key or a padlock can be a loot (so opening padlock could raise loot-counter, just like experience gaining when you use your picklock skill in some RPG ).
  21. That demiurgic feeling makes real memories of unreal places, happy to see other folks see things in same way I do. TDM don't have constant soul like Thief games, so ppl are aware that random FM concepts can spoil this universum. Besides it is not recognisable, maybe instead of 'campaign' TDM need a single map showing all fractions and overall mood in micro scale, just a pocket sized world. Something exaggerated but catchy, so gamers/ editors will not be forced to play Thief-bis thing. Just like going thru this wiki thread http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Universe and making interactive presentation.
  22. Work is going fine, translation needs just some polishing and we will probably release update very soon. Done a lot of work on visuals, so mission is worth replaying if someone already know it.
  23. Question is: do You want to make it look like T1, cubical and ugly, or You want to make it on level adequate to TDM engine, so it will barely reminds original mission. Maybe it would be funny if "under" original design You will add additional rooms, streets, storyline, extend it in any way. There was some T2 contest about remaking OM, and it is much more creative way to make tribute to Thief.
  24. You say "don't press esc...", so there is no way to block this button? It could be great way to make intro "movie" for FM (if it is not to difficult). Or I miss something and someone already done one?
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