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Found 23 results

  1. Hey! I hope this is the right section for this. I'm currently working on my first mission, entitled The Joyau Rouge. I haven't really got anywhere with it yet apart from the planning, because of what's either a bug or me being stupid. I'm running Siduction (a Linux distribution based on Debian unstable) and I don't seem to be able to free-look using the camera in DarkRadiant. I've attached a video of it—the context menu and dialog box are invisible in the recording, but at the start I'm adding a prefab. I hope someone can help me get around this issue. Thanks! —Xaeman 2020-11
  2. I'm compiling Darkradiant from Git on my Linux machine (openSUSE Tumbleweed x64). I noticed that although latest master compiles successfully, there are some issues with libraries and modules that prevent it from working. I figured I'd make a thread here before opening an entry on the bug tracker. First issue I run into is an instant crash with: Gtk-Message: 04:58:08.252: Failed to load module "appmenu-gtk-module" Cannot find the main module in any of the paths: /archive/mircea/Games/Quake/TheDarkMod/DarkRadiant_GIT/install/bin/../lib/darkradiant/modules/; /archive/mircea/Games/Quake/TheDa
  3. While doing some render system refactoring I noticed that projected lights were not rendering correctly in lighting preview mode, and thought it was something I had broken until I regressed to earlier revisions and discovered that it has actually been broken for some time (in fact I tried checking out revisions from 3 years ago and the problem still reproduced). Projected lights are something of a "bug trap" because I think most mappers don't use them or the DR lighting preview very much and therefore they don't get a lot of testing. The behaviour I see is that while the rendered light pr
  4. For all those wanting to do some map editing, here are some example shortcut & folder settings, current versions are Darkradiant 2.05 & Darkmod 2.04 -
  5. Hello, I'm not familiar with darkmod, but using darkradiant has been a blessing for me. I have a problem with texturing inverted endcaps, I can't seem to normalise the UV on the patch. I try everything in surface inspector but I keep ending up with "overstretched" texture. What am I missing?
  6. http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/9082-newbie-darkradiant-questions/page-323 // the discussion is sliding way out of newbie questions, so figured it'd be good to make a new thread regarding this. This first stuff is not really related - a preamble. Modular design with assets and perhaps explanation to help learn, allowing increase in creativity and mission diversity or achieving vision. or Here, catch. or Go figure it out. First is more work, but helps people a lot. Second is less work, simply provide a solution. Third is no work, ship without a rudder. In short, it'd be really nice t
  7. http://bugs.thedarkmod.com/view.php?id=4742 The latest DarkRadiant commit in https://github.com/codereader/DarkRadiant ( 2ad55e91df66e11c5385ba40cf3615f56f7d00e8 ) fails configuration. Oddly enough the console doesn't output the exact cause, it only complains that Makefile.in cannot be found. I use Linux openSUSE Tumbleweed 64bit. Below is a console log with the commands I ran and the respective output. mircea@linux-qz0r:~/Downloads/DarkRadiant> ./autogen.sh;./configure --prefix=/home/mircea/Downloads/DarkRadiant/install --enable-darkmod-plugins libtoolize: putting auxiliary files in '
  8. I'm being affected by a strange issue in the latest Git master of DarkRadiant which makes using DR nearly impossible. I've already opened a bug report about it, but since progress is slow for several months I thought I'd also put this here in case anyone sees it and has some extra ideas. http://bugs.thedarkmod.com/view.php?id=4524 DarkRadiant does not sense any keyboard commands. I can however use the mouse and click on buttons just fine. I'm using openSUSE Tumbleweed x64 / KDE desktop. This seems to change if I have a menu opened, which implies it might be a focus detection issue. For in
  9. When I click on a prefab in the insert a prefab menu it shows it with a texture saying: Shader Not Found. Why? What Should I do?
  10. Hello everyone. Since I’ve started Springheel’s super duper workshop, I could not help myself and decided to jump into DR immediately. I started with the A-Z guide and bounced around the wiki and Google for help. What follows are some small issues I’ve had. The angle readout in Rotate mode isn't customisable. Font size? Colour? I cannot find any docs on what Select inside, Select touching and Select complete tall do. Select touching does what I initially thought, the other two just delete the selected brush(es). Confusing. I cannot expand the list of properties in the Entity Inspector, mak
  11. The values in the surface selector are disabled, so I cannot see what the current values are. When I click the down / left button on the vert / horiz scale spinner, the texture does respond but will eventually turn into one colour; nothing brings it back. I would record a video, but FRAPS, OBS and Windows 10 Xbox App each manage to miss something. A friend of mine has the same problems, but tells me that clicking outside the inspector window updates the values (which doesn't happen for me). Edit: Ok, I seem to have discovered the issue, it has do to with selecting multiple surfa
  12. It appears the latest version of DarkRadiant Git from Codereader is full of bugs and breakages, which affect at least the Linux version of the software. Since I just reported a whole list of problems, I decided to also make a thread here to hopefully bring more attention and testers who can confirm them: DarkRadiant doesn't sense keyboard inputsVarious windows won't openPanel sizes not persisted between startupsRecent maps menu becomes empty after useDarkRadiant crashes KWin when desktop compositing is enabled (KDE)
  13. Hello there. I've been playing Dark Mod since it went standalone, and recently decided to try my hand at actually making a mission. I've installed DarkRadiant, and begun going through the beginner's guide (this one) without major incident. That is, until I reach the part about materials and textures. Looking at the Media Browser, nothing's listed. The guide says it might take a few seconds to load the textures for the first time, but it doesn't appear to be coming up with anything whatsoever. The most I can make appear is the default 'shader not found' and a blank, nameless texture. So... ha
  14. I know DR can export into OBJ, but I recall it exports brushes as split planes. Is it possible to add option to export brushes as convex manifold meshes (so that level in OBJ ends up being made of multitextured cubes/parallelepipeds) ? Is it also possible to export patches as meshes (or as patches, if OBJ supports them) ? Is it possible to export lights, entities, etc. as dummy/empty objects (or cubes of a small size) with specific name conventions ? (it would be easier to find them in 3D app) Thanks!
  15. DarkRadiant stopped compiling after a series of system package updates in openSUSE Tumbleweed today. Oddly enough, I get an error related to boost again, although I compile DR with the same Boost version downloaded from the official website and compiled locally (was 1.54, now 1.59 but same issue). Core DR appears to compile, the error is in the filters plugin. Can anyone please take a look and fix this? make[2]: Entering directory '/home/mircea/Games/Quake/TheDarkMod/DarkRadiant_GIT/plugins/filters' CXX XMLFilter.lo CXX BasicFilterSystem.lo CXX filters.lo CXXLD filte
  16. Is it possible to resize a light volume in DarkRadiant uniformly ? Thanks.
  17. DR has several map formats to save to, Doom 3, Quake 3, Quake 4 and Prey. However, every time I change game type, default map format is always Doom 3. So I have to keep reminding myself to change map format every time I save the map. Is there a way to specify default map format to save to in the setting for each game? (for example, when Quake 4 is set to be current game, when Save dialog comes up, map format would be set to Quake 4; and so on) Thanks.
  18. I figured I should ask, since github repo hasn't gotten any updates for the past month, and 2.0.3 was never finalized to be a release build.
  19. I am wondering if it's possible to make a plugin using Python for DarkRadiant, that will load prefabs based on a set of rules and align them accordingly ? Thanks.
  20. I see there are some goodies with VBOs on github Can someone please make Win64 build of current DR ? Thanks!
  21. For the english members: I recently gave a beginner's course in level design and made a list of the important shortcut keys. As I made this list anyway, I want it to share here. Hier ist eine Übersicht der wichtigsten Tastenkürzel in Dark Radiant 1.8.0. in deutsch - besonders nützlich für Anfänger, aber auch für Fortgeschrittene sicher zu gebrauchen. Fühlt euch frei sie zu verbreiten, erweitern und zu übersetzen. Viel Spaß damit! Tastenbelegung DarkRadiant.pdf
  22. Hello, I want to install DarkRadiant to mess up with my Doom 3. I am using Arch Linux, so first thing I did was to install it from AUR. But upon launch it segfaults $ darkradiant Segmentation fault (core dumped) $ Next I tried compiling from git, but it complains about boost python, though I do have boost installed, output here. I followed instruction in this post, i.e. changed the line 714 of file DarkRadiant/m4/boost.m4 from [`python-config --$2 2>/dev/null`])dnl to [`python2-config --$2 2>/dev/null`])dnl , then I did ./autogen.sh && ./configure && mak
  23. DarkRadiant segfaults when I place info_player_start for my custom game based on Doom 3 engine and choose entity class for it (or if I try creating an entity). Bug report http://bugs.angua.at/view.php?id=3188
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