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werewolf "voice" set

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i just played happycheeze's halloween special, got inspired, and think Im up for the challenge. Besides, I have some experimental techniques I've wanted to try out! I'll just copy the zombie scripts, only in werewolf form, as I assume they are interchangeable, as far as the sounndshader goes. Gonna be some f-ing scary shit coming out of The Dark Mod!

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Ah, sounds promising. :)


On a related note: does the werewolf have "footsteps" sounds or does he still need some?

The rapid fire "phhdt" sounds that comprise the werewolf footsteps are terrible... we should implement some sort of generic "werewolf shuffling movement" sfx that is the same over all surfaces - if the engine allows it of course (me knowing nothing about the technical aspects of the engine)

Edit: Those werewolfs scare me as it is... once these sfx are done, they are gonna make me squeal pathetically.

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