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Fan Mission: Living Expenses by Sonosuke (2010/01/02)


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Originally I wanted to write about the pros and cons of the mission, but Jon Irenicus already covered everything^^


Overall, I think the FM is a excellent example of how to create an enjoyable FM on a small sized map. A shame that you didn´t create more maps.



The only things that really bothered me were the loot goal and the "no knockout" objective. Usually I always play maps on difficult, but these things turned me away from it. In the end, I was only able to find about 1100 out of the 1900 loot, which was enough for medium difficulty. But these are only small things in an otherwise great FM.


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Played this on medium difficulty. I usually don't like missions with forced ghosting and very minimal equipment, but I've really enjoyed this one. The general's hidden safe impressed me with its technical finesse, though it took me a while to figure out how it works.


The only major bug I've experienced in the mission was when the drunk bowman occassionally got up, walked towards the wall next to mess hall entrance, and kept on walking, making some rather hilarious animations.


All in all, a very good mission, Sonosuke. :)

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