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3D Stereoscopic Fotografy


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Nothing extravagant. Just an image editing application that allows you to crop a selection.


Ah! Now I understand how such a setup should work. When I read your comment about the mirrors, at first I thought about a setup that reflects two slightly offset images into the camera, such that you have a similar picture as the one that you get when you watch that flickering 3D image on the screen. Of course this doesn't work. Now I realized, the setup of the mirrors must be such that two images are projected in such a way that you can fotograf the side by side directly from the mirrors, right? I hope you understand what I mean. :P Probably not, because when I think more about it, I think creating my first idea of a setup might be impossible anyway. :P


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I cut up some rubber balls, set up the mirrors, and tested a picture!








And here is the final image (with the left and right side switched) that you can cross your eyes at:






I hope to try a small video, not sure if it can work well though

shadowdark50.gif keep50.gif
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Very cool. It's definitely working. The depth is exaggerated but that's only because the mirrors are spaced out farther than two eyes would be.


Here is the pair as an anaglyph...



It's not red/cyan is it? It doesn't quite work for me. But the disparity is really way too strong. For such close objects, the mirrors need to be closer to each other. With too high disparites, the brain can't find any correspondences because it isn't used to search that far, so the 3D effect cannot be perceived very well.

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Yeah, the mirrors are too big and I can't position them much closer. But it still works like that, it's just more like you are holding something very close to your face, thus the right and left eye are seeing significant differences. It would probably work better with those mirrors if I shot something farther away, like across the room, so the difference would be smaller

shadowdark50.gif keep50.gif
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