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  1. I've done a bit of tinkering with cube maps in the past where I've converted the six images that make up a cube map into an equirectangular projection. This allows you to edit a single non-cross image in the same way you would any other seamless texture. The tricky part however is finding software to do the conversion. There is a website I found that may do the trick if you're still curious. https://www.360toolkit.co/convert-cubemap-to-spherical-equirectangular.html
  2. I'd be curious to see a wireframe of what that section looks like with r_showtris. During compilation the engine is looking for ways to simplify and optimize brushwork. It's culling away surfaces that won't be seen. It's merging bits with the same material, texture alignment, and normal. Then it's trying to figure out how to triangulate what is left. Sometimes the compiler gets it wrong. There's no real way to avoid that short of constructing the bulk of your map out of models where you can explicitly specify how the resulting mesh should be constructed. You might however be able to coerce the compiler into doing a better job by building the staircase, or even just the problematic portion, in a different way. Here's a few examples with a mock-up of the original on the left...
  3. I enjoyed Heretic more so than the Hexen games that followed. I enjoy puzzle games but in Hexen there was too much directionless backtracking. Lots of combing over old empty levels to find the one thing that changed. There weren't many instances where you were presented with an obstacle and later an "ah-ha" moment that lead you to want to revisit it. I may have just been too young to make sense of the puzzles. Unfortunately I can't play the game for the first time again now that I'm older to see if it helps. At any rate I didn't chime in here to crap on the game. I liked it. Anyone seen these before... They're really awesome looking weapon models for the Doomsday Engine. I recall seeing a video of these in action and I was blown away by how faithful they are to the source material but I can't find the video now. At any rate the addon is available here... http://talk.dengine.net/discussion/1887/sapphire-wand-2-0-doomsday-2-hexen-models/p1
  4. I agree. Compare the patch to the model using r_showNormals.
  5. We could move deprecated assets into their own dedicated PK4. Call it something like "tdm_deprecated_v2_07.pk4". Then on occasion when an update is pushed out we delete the local copy and archive it alongside fan missions and game update packages. Additionally Dark Radiant could warn mission authors when content they've referenced is flagged for deletion or replacement. Encourage people to extract and bundle content like this with their mission if they want to use it. Of course that doesn't solve the problem with existing missions. In that case I suppose you install the earliest archived package alongside mission packages produced before the present date.
  6. When I wrote my color grading shader the reference material I was using called for using 3D textures. I found code in TDM's source to support loading such images but no corresponding material keyword to invoke it. Having that keyword would have saved me a ton of time.
  7. For the record, nobody needs to purchase a license to use Windows 10. There are some minor caveats but they are largely cosmetic so it's possible to both vote with your wallet and still legally use their OS.
  8. Equalizer would be good for sound dampening over distance and around obstructions as well.
  9. It's probably a stirling engine. This looks like a good video to explain how it works...
  10. I wonder if you can get around the issue by shipping to an Amazon drop box in Buffalo, NY?
  11. Are you sure about spending $150 on a powered amp? There are plenty going for less than $100 on Amazon. I have a Polk Audio sub myself and it's been working great since the late 90s.
  12. Human Resource Machine is the perfect game to test if a child might take to programming. It's a really well made puzzle game by the same developers that made World of Goo and it's about the same level of difficulty. It's a really good introduction to programming concepts and yet people might not even realize they're coding.
  13. The specular maps worked alright in Doom 3 because the environment called for lots of shiny metallic surfaces. But in a more real world setting there are more dielectric surfaces than not. And since you can't adjust glossiness to tone down bright highlights you darken your specular to compensate and sacrifice color saturation.
  14. TDM was forked from the original 2004 release of D3, not BFG edition. There was no joystick support.
  15. The greater issue to acknowledge is that once the government seizes power they abuse it and never relinquish it. In this case, "gas the jews" was all they needed for a conviction. They ruled that the context was irrelevant. Following that line of logic both you and I are now guilty of hate speech even under your own slightly more specific set of rules.
  16. People adopt virtues by choice, not by force of law or nothing they do can be considered genuine. I find it a bit ironic that people who blame the system for all their problems have no qualms about using said system like a club to beat us all into submission. This nazi pug fiasco is a perfect example of virtuous intent gone awry. And here's some food for thought. If Count Dankula is a criminal for "hate speech" are the people who liked and shared the video on social media accomplices?
  17. Steam's statistics aren't accurate anyway. I've got a 4k monitor and the Steam client thinks my primary display resolution is 1920x1080.
  18. It looks like a fun game to fart around with casually. I might pick it up on sale.
  19. Instead of sanding it down try building it up with auto body filler. Then you should be able to sand it smooth and paint.
  20. There might be a message in the console referring to a missing sound.
  21. The answer to your question is right there in the same thread you plucked that quote from. Emphasis here is my own... The videos that came with Doom 3 were 512x512. Adjust from there if you are unhappy with the file size or image quality. And yes, it is easier to use ffmpeg. I wrote lots of documentation for idTech 4 that was lost when doom3world.org and then modwiki.net went down. I'm familiar with roq.exe, a tool you already have but don't realize it. It was integrated into Doom 3 and thus TDM by proxy and you can call it at the console with roq. It's usage is more convoluted than ffmpeg because it expects a text file with a renamed file extension containing video parameters. I get where you are coming from. A lot of the tasks required to create content for TDM are not as user friendly as they could be. But virtually everyone here already knows that and yet they persevere with whatever tools they can find to get the job done. Sometimes we even ask each other nicely and do each other's work.
  22. Don't bother. It's much easier to use ffmpeg. The details are contained in this thread... http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/12607-converting-avi-to-roq/?do=findComment&comment=254712
  23. Next time capture an environment shot instead. This way it's already stitched and all you have to do is convert the projection from cubic to equirectangular or spherical. For example this would do the job... https://github.com/tmarrinan/cube2equirect
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