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Problem with messaging system screen

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I wonder if it is something to do with the number of pages set to show per page? Don't know if that affects pms though.


For instance if you go into your settings > forums tab its got 'Number of posts to show for each topic page:' try changing that by say 1 increase or decrease to see if it fixes it. Maybe there is some kind rounding error in the forum code that for certain numbers it shows nothing.


I'm just guessing here of course and no idea what I'm talking about but all I can say is that I don't get the problem. I have it set to 15 posts a page btw.

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Interesting, it has had an effect, but what happened now is for exmple if i click on page 7 (the last page) it then takes me to page 6. and another thread has 14 pages, if i click on 14 it takes me to 11...


Ok, setting it to 20 for each option seems to have fixed it, but there is no info on the forum faq's that mention this in relation to private conversations.. bug in the forum code..?

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