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FM does not stay installed and Saved games don't run


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There's a suspicious line here:


[.\DarkMod\Missions\ModInfo.cpp ( 238):DEB (MAINMENU) FR: 0] Couldn't find darkmod.txt for mod betrayal -applaunch 9050.


which might indicate that the current mod parameters are misunderstood by DOOM3.exe. Can you please also attach the currentfm.txt file and the tdmlauncher.log file? I'd also like to see the DarkMod.log file after you installed an FM:


- Start the game

- Install the FM

- When the dialog is displayed "Game will be restarted now" - don't click OK, instead hit Alt+F4.

- Get the darkmod.log file and upload it to somewhere

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The DarkMod.log to install FMs looks about right, no strange paths there. It's been saving the string "crown_of_penitence" to the currentfm.txt as well, and the contents you sent me look ok.


If you start DarkMod now through TDM launcher, can you please show me the tdmlauncher.log and the DarkMod.log? Also bring down the console and type fs_game and fs_game_base, I'd like to know the values of these CVARs.


Can't tell about the tdmlauncher.log file in DOOM3.exe, maybe you used a shortcut to tdmlauncher that has its working directory set to the DOOM3 folder?

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The tdmlauncher.log and DarkMod.log files I uploaded just before were created as a result of me starting DM via the TDM Launcher, so I'm not sure why you're asking me to grab those files again, unless you meant to actually start a mission this time. So, I've started a mission and re-uploaded those files to the same location (http://www.tinrobot.biz/darkmod/).


Results from the console queries:

fs_game returns: "fs_game" is:"crown_of_penitence -applaunch 9050" default:""

mod path


fs_game_base returns: "fs_game_base" is:"darkmod" default:""

alternate mod path, searched after the main fs_game path, before the basedir

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The previous tdmlauncher.log file showed betrayal as current FM that's why I wanted to see it after installing crown_of_penitence to see if it is picked up correctly by tdmlauncher.


The new tdmlauncher.log file looks ok, I can see that the FM name is correctly read from currentfm.txt:


Current FM is: crown_of_penitence

Detected Steam version of D3; Steam executable found at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\..\steam.exe

Using the following argument vector:

#0: -applaunch

#1: 9050

#2: +set

#3: fs_game_base

#4: darkmod

#5: +set

#6: fs_game

#7: crown_of_penitence

Starting process C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\..\steam.exe -applaunch 9050 +set fs_game_base darkmod +set fs_game crown_of_penitence

Closing logfile.


The problem is definitely occuring on passing the parameters to DOOM3.exe through Steam, since the fs_game CVAR is wrong, it contains the "-applaunch 9050" next to the actual "crown_of_penitence" argument. Since I don't have Steam myself I cannot tell exactly what is happening here and why DOOM3 is concatenating multiple arguments into one, and why nobody else has seen this issue before.


Can you try to launch the following string in a cmd window, please? Do you get the same behaviour?


"C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\..\steam.exe" -applaunch 9050 +set fs_game_base darkmod +set fs_game crown_of_penitence


I'm not sure the quotes are necessary, but they might be since the steam path contains spaces.

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Well, somehow it must be possible to start Steam and have it passing the fs_game argument correctly. It's simply not OK that the command line


-applaunch 9050 +set fs_game_base darkmod +set fs_game crown_of_penitence


results in a fs_game = "crown_of_penitence -applaunch 9050" - that's just weird. It's also surprising that the same launch command line does different things for different users - afaik no other steam user had such strange behaviour.


Can you play around and shuffle the argument order a bit when launching steam from the command line? Maybe you can find out if the argument order makes any difference.

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Swapping around these two arguments (+set fs_game_base darkmod +set fs_game crown_of_penitence) has worked.

So, for clarity, my command line now reads:


"C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\..\steam.exe" -applaunch 9050 +set fs_game crown_of_penitence +set fs_game_base darkmod


I now see 'Crown of Penitence' in the Current Game window, and I can save and load games.

It seems for me, I have to run DM via a command line. This is unfortunate, but at least it works, and it may give the team something to investigate further for a future update of TDM.


Many thanks for your help.

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