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Ran in to some problems.

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First of, hello again Tdm forum.

if you would like an explanation to why i have been gone for the last 3 years, i'd gladly take the discussion in a pm.

Hopefully you have'nt missed me to much :rolleyes:


Now on to the matter at hand.

I am close to completion at a map and suddenly theese errors appear,

my english is to limited for me to explain in words, so i recorded a video showing of the first error.




it appears that everytime i look at this one specific area (visportals), all lights except ambient dissapear.

The only changes made in this room (since it worked), is add monsterclip brush and changed values in a light source.


second error is this






im having problems setting up pathnodes, im trying to set up a dynamic path for a particular ai.

So there is one path that he follows regularly and sometimes he strolls of on an optional path 25% chance.

He completely ignores the optional path.


Any map i could look into so i could get an idea of how this would work?

the wiki on pathnodes does'nt clear things up for me.



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I think i found it, and in this case I think iwas both a corrupt light and a light which you asigned a 'snd' texture to.


-lights/tdm_lanternlight_4fold_small_snd, on light_23

-lights/biground1_streetlamp_4fold_snd, on light_31


When using that tures a sound arg has to be applied to the light entity otherwise you get that blockout issue.


I am changed the light textures, and dmaped and it was just those 2 lights. Chose the texture without sound (snd) and you'll be fine.

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Another known issue, when in game bring up the console and type "r_showtris 1" and look to see where the texture turns black is a vert point or if two or more brushes intersect. If its a vert then move the vert point, if its a brush then see if you can make said brush inot a func_static

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