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TDM Windows 7 issue?


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TDM runs great on my wife's Windows 7 machine .. BUT every time she chooses a different mission to load, she has to put both D3 and D3 ROE keys in ... no problem, we have the keys and they get her going and for days, as long as she's working on that one mission, it doesn't ask ... but as soon as she loads a different FM, it asks for both keys again.

Anyone know of a solid fix? This does NOT occure on my XP64 machine. No big deal, just annoyance ... Any ideas? - thanks! - Darrin

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windows lies about file permissions now.


Program Files is "mirrored". When you're writing to it, you're actually writing to some derp user directory.


It's the reason games no longer use saves in the same dir they were installed (annoying in wine if you want to save saves).


Fuck installers. Fuck them (if you name the program that writes to program files "setup" something, they can write, so it's even more retarded).

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doom 3 and tdm need to be installed outside the "program file" directory, as windows 7 wont let you write to any of the directorys inside it, as far as I know.


Just to confirm..


Mine are installed on another HD in fact, M:/Games/Doom 3


Maybe that's why I never had a problem.

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Yes, Win 7 IS a bit crazy with the permissions, ... I guess it only happened on that 2nd of three part missions ... um Forest .... She loaded up the 3rd mission and it went w/o asking for keys .... We have ours on seperate HDs as well .... D:\Doom3 ... What a blast! - I hope you all realize that You guys make the single most best PC game/ simulator ever made ..... So many hours of truly great gameplay ..... I can't wait till kids are in bed for tonights choice : A night to remember - TTYL! - And thanks! - Darrin

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