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Baby Garrett?


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This game, 'Among the Sleep', seems like a nice idea:



'Among the Sleep is a first person horror adventure, in which you play a two year old child. After being put to bed at night, mystical things will happen.'


From wat I can see in the above video, the idea of crawling around as a vulnerable baby in a world of giants seems to add an extra element of tepridation to the game. :ph34r:


I wonder if it might be a good idea to create a Dark Mod mission from the point of view of an infant? A prequel starring 'Baby Garrett' perhaps? :D

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Low-angle point-of-view is apparently fairly common in horror films as it forces the viewer into a child-like (and therefore helpless) frame of mind. (That's the theory according to something I remember Robert McKee saying about Alien anyway - there's loads of low-angle stuff, especially in the opening sequence apparently, but I haven't seen it recently so can't say for sure.) If it's true, we're sort of half-way there with 'crouch' mode :smile:.


Re the video: anyone else have a Cradle flashback about 0.35? :o

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That gave me a heavy Amnesia feeling but even worse, because it was a "familiar" setting... I don't want to go anywhere near it, which means I'll probably get it and scare the pants off myself like I did with Amnesia.

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@Komag. Daww... I like how excited he looks in that action pose he's in.


On the topic, I scripted a few Dark Mod missions with these kinds of alt sneaking ideas. I thought about the perspective of animals, either predator or prey, and I think an infant would be in that neighborhood. But I think I'd rather be a mouse or cat so I could really skedaddle when I had to. Being a crawling baby for a whole mission might get plodding, unless it were constructed just for the atmosphere, that could be pretty cool, just not as much for a stealth mission I think, or it'd be a pretty slow & tactical one.

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