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Recognize-the-game Quiz


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Since I really can't help you guys with anything to do with the project (no skillz :P ) here's a little quiz for you gamers. I expect everyone here to get #30 without blinking.


Try this out and post your results ;)

I can PM your score relatively soonafter


1 2 3 4

5 6 7 8

9 10 11

12 13 14

15 16 17

18 19 20

21 22 23

24 25 26

27 28 29

30 31 32

Loose BOWELS are the first sign of THE CHOLERA MORBUS!
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First one is myst. Didn't recognise the second one and realised I don't have enough time for this.

...ah what the heck. I'll give it a go :) I like this stuff. Me and my brothers invented the "Video Game Head" game when we were bored, travellng once. Equivelant of "Celeberity Head", but you chose a specific video game character, and not nessecarily the lead roles. You'd be surprised how much fun it is.


2: Never played it

3: Scorched Earth, who could forget?

4: Sky Barons or something... I forgot

5: Jill of the Jungle, many fond memories

6: Hexen, one of my most favorite games ever!

7: Blake Stone, gave new life to the Wolfenstien engine

8: Earth Worm Jim - anyone seen the cartoon series? They are hilarous.

9: Crusader- No remorse/regeret, can't tell which.

10: hm... someone introduced me to that recently I think. Never played it though

11: BIOFORGE!!! I LOVE THAT GAME! I still have the original CD - I got it when it was released as a classic, years ago.

12: Dune 2 - the game that introduced me and my brothers to the concept of the RTS. So many hours spent on that. Also I got to show my brother's friend how having a sound card enables you to hear narration and people speaking in the game - grr, bad memories of so many people thinking sound blaster was some new fangled thing that made your PC speaker louder or somethng and it was a waste of money, without even HEARING IT!

13: Dark Forces - that one does'nt seem so old. I read the novel of that. The last chapter follows the first level down to the polygon, and still makes it realistic and entertaining! I was really impressed.

14: I think that is system shock. Kick me for never having yet played it, to this very day.

15: Tomb Raider. I'm sure some people still care about tombs... and the raiding thereof.

16: Commander Keen EGA - the only good platform game on the PC at the time.

17: I don't know but it sure looks cool. I want it.

18: That would have to be Blood or ... Shadow Warrior? The one starring Lu Wang or something

19: Looks like my roll has ended. Never played this one

20: Or this one. Looks like an Elite clone.

21: Ultima Ascension? That was a game that didn't rely on ambient sounds. If you heard a wolf howling in the distance, its because there really was a wolf howling in the distance...

22: Don't know. Looks cool.

23: Ditto

24: Ditto

25: Don't know but doesn't look that cool.

26: Half Life? I see a pattern. I'm not playing as much games as the years go on.


30: Is Thief :) Can't tell if its 1 or 2, so I failed that.

31: Looks like a LucasArts game, but I never played it.

32: Giants, one of my other most favorite games. MP is awesome.

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1: Myst maybe?

2: how could oyu nt know this. I loved this game! Jazzy jackrabbit!!!

3:scorched earth (or tank wars takeoff edition)

4:The Red Baron!!! not "sky baron" awsome game.

5: JoJ

6: Hexen?

7:some wolfenstein or doom engine takeoff, dunno which

8:earthworm Jim


10:galaga takeoff, ferget teh name

11:dom say bioforce so ill go w/ that

12: dune

13: Dark Force demo level halfway through looks like

14: Dunno

15: That not tombraider isit?

16: KEEN!!!!! best game ever, its the first 1, although keen 4 was better

17: dunno, looks similar to Zone66 but i nvr played the full game

18: blood mc blood 2

19: DOM you suck. Its Age of Empires! PErhaps best game ever

20: dunno

21: I think i've played this, or at least on the engine, ferget name

22: Looks hot

23: dunno

24:startrek game maybe? dunno tho

25: not a clue


27: dunno

28: wtf

29: looks like Lightbringer or some other myst takoff

30: Figure it out yourself

31: some shitty game where fate of atlantis shots should be(not lucasarts) Ive played all there ones from this time(i think)

32: im inside the mouth of a giant, eep


DOM beat me but i knew a bunch he didn't

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I didn't play it, but 21 is Die By the Sword. Apparently you could control the path of the sword exactly with your mouse.


17. Lords of Magic (wasted plenty of time on that one :) )


24. Could that be unreal 2? that would be a little recent though

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