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Aragami (ex Path of Shadows)

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Hey mods, can you change the topic to "Aragami (ex Path of Shadows)" ? Thanks!



1.07 version with the EDITOR!

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So, I finally played this game because it was included in my one month origin access deluxe subscription. (I originally got the subscription for Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, which is freakin' amazing btw)

You can tell in every corner of the game that it is a low budget production. It simply misses that last polish and everything feels clunky. The story is VERY cliché betrayal stuff, not all is black and white, blah blah, meh. The missions become repetetive pretty quickly and there are too few basic enemy types (four + two bosses) to create interesting diverse gameplay mechanics. However, the game is short enough so that this does not totally piss you off (spent 13 hours to finish it). Despite all these negative points, I still had some fun with the game because it appeals to desires that only Tenchu and Mark of the Ninja were previously able to fulfill: Being a badass sneaky ninja. ? So, people who have liked these other games, will probably rate this game like 7/10, others more like 4/10. ?  

Btw, @lowenz you should be able to change the topic title yourself by editing the first post of the thread.

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Looking at a list of games planned for 2021 to see what will be available on PS5 and I see Aragami 2. Huh? Hadn't even heard of Aragami 1, so I searched and found this thread. Armed with low expectations (which is good) but some interest, and hoping it might prepare me for Aragami 2 next year, I downloaded it for about £24 including the dlc. Quite liking it so far. The precise tutorial reminds me of Dark Project. Gotta love a game designed specifically for stealth because there are so few. I like the stats page at the end of Chapter 1 tutorial - hope they have those after every chapter. I'm playing on 'one skull' (which I hope means easy) and will see if I can ghost this next chapter. :D

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