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[Resolved in TDM 2.10] Alt-Tabing out of TDM


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I don't really know if this belongs here or rather into the Tech Support section, but I have problems with alt-tabing out of the game in Windows 7! The brightness of the desktop gets all screwed up and the mouse is locked. The only solution is using alt-tab to move back in and continue TDM...

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My workaround for this is to use CTRL+ALT+Delete, and minimize TDM from the task manager. That gives you normal windows use until you click on TDM in the taskbar again. But it would be nice just to be able to alt+tab.

NagaHuntress recently submitted a patch that'll fix the problem for Linux in TDM 2.04. Looking at the code, it seems to prevent the fullscreen setting taking complete control of the keyboard and mouse etc. Does anyone know how the equivalent would be done in Windows? I don't mind trying it out if anyone can start me off on the right track.


I suspect the brightness/gamma problem is separate. I sometimes get that even when TDM is running in windowed mode, which lets you alt+tab normally.

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