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Incompatibility: OBS and the compass

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When recording with OBS and the compass is being used, OBS only records the bottom right corner of the screen.

My theory is that OBS's "game capture" (which is the only way that I can get it to record TDM at all) believes that the 3d compass is the game, since it's on it's own layer.



OBS version 0.657b using "Game Capture" source
The Dark Mod 2.03, code revision 6470

I hereby grant you, Twitch, the Glenham Tower Climbing Award!

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That's weird. Most bits of the hud are on their own layer. I've never heard of OBS, so I can only offer generic suggestions. Have you tried playing in windowed mode (still full screen size) and capturing the specific window?

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according to the inventory script the compass hud model is drawn in its gui window each frame, its probability this that's throwing off the video capture software. would depend on which order the capture software picks up on frame draw order. Although you would think the video capture software would stay on the bigger screen size. Think of all the games that have extra small screen items drawing each frame inside the bigger main screen.

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