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Player movement sounds.

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Hello! I'm working on a few extra player movement sounds as an experiment in my next FM.


A couple questions:

  • Is there any way to add a player jump sound for when the player begins the jump?
  • It looks like there is some setup for a player swimming sound, but it only seems to do exit/ enter splash sounds. Is this broken/ known issue? Is there anyway to hotfix this?
  • Is there a setup for playing a sound when the player is moving above a certain speed? Likely a script that says play sound shader when player velocity is above a certain value. Think of a wind rushing sound..
  • Lastly, is there a way to fade in and out a sounds using scripts? Something like adjust volume over time.
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Regarding the last point, yes, there is such a script command: fadeSound(...) see tdm script reference in the wiki.

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Awesome, found it.


scriptEvent void fadeSound(float channel, float newLevel, float fadeTime);


I imagine something like this would work.

void sound_event () {
   sys.trigger ( $mySpeaker)
   sys.wait (5);

   $mySpeaker.fadeSound (SND_CHANNEL_??, -15 , 5) //Not sure which sound channel to use
   sys.wait (5):
   $mySpeaker.stopSound (SND_CHANNEL_??) //Not sure which sound channel to use

Is it possible to fade all the sounds the player is hearing?

I'm not sure if I should be calling the player here or just any speaker.

void fadePlayerSound () {
     &player1.fadeSound(SND_CHANNEL_ALL, -15, 5)

     $player1.fadeSound(SND_CHANNEL_ALL, 0 , 1) // fades back to normal?
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