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Dual Analogue controls

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(but I like lazy recliner)
(but I also hate missing headshots where I shoot across the map for the lulz).


Did you play T3..?
There was a similar thing with T2 a while ago:

Perhaps this would help you, with the mapping of buttons and stuff (cos there are many buttons in this game...)


A while ago, I tried using joy2key with my ds3 on the PC for TDM but gave up because it just wasn't fast enough response for the game, awareness and movement.
Plus I kept missing those damn rope arrows because I suck at aiming with remotes - will give your software a go though:)

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Thanks teh_saccade.


It's not really ready to play yet, I'm going to get back to it soon to make it playable and get it working with windows and Xbox controller.


I did play Deadly Shadows on pc with a logitech dual analogue controller many years ago,

I was delighted with the controls but wasn't so happy with the direction the game had taken.


I played The Dark Age with a program called PinnacleGameProfiler which was much better than Xpadder or Joy2key but cost €15 at the time.

I certainly got my money's worth as I managed to play many games adequately with it including STALKER, Morrowind and Doom3.


Anyway, I'd love to play TDM with a controller even though some here might think it sacrilegious.

I'll try to get it to an acceptable state as soon as I have the taffin time.



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There's actually nothing wrong with it considering Thief Deadly Shadows went great on the old Xbox.


It's not an FPS after all, precision of a mouse is not a life and death matter as it would be for shooters.

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