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Shadowspawn's Application Thread.

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Shadowspawn from TTLG has offered to help us out without becoming a full member. I think this would call for contributor status, much like UglyEd's.


I've got two T2 missions still in the works, T3 tools I'm working on, and a

bunch of custom AI for my missions. So I can't commit to a full time



However, anything I've already produced is certainly up for grabs, if you

want any of it. I can always increase poly count on some custom objects that

I've done. And I've got a bunch of AI already done for T2, perhaps with a

little work they could be of use.


Let me know what you guys need, I'll see what I have or can build.


I can also texture models / AI for you. I'm not too good at the art work,

but I can skin pretty quickly and well.


You can see a small sampling of my earlier works at schwaa's Low Poly Guild,

and a bunch of stuff in my FMs.


Sounds like a great offer. :)

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Just to clarify we are talking about AI modeling, not AI coding/scripting, right?

I think mostly prop modeling but he said he could do AI texturing. I'm not sure he would have time for that though. He's pretty busy, so I would say we enlist him for props.

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If he's willing and able to skin objects with any level of skill we have at least thirty props waiting to be done.

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