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For inspiration - Cry of Fear


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I have found a very nice game, for inspiration for TDM.

Its a horror FPS game, running on the half-life 1 engine, called: Cry of Fear

(its free game on Steam)

(and you dont need half-life 1 to run it, like TDM.)


To me, its so amazingly made, that i cant believe its running on the halflife1 engine.

The games haves so many things we can use this for inspiration in TDM.

For example the live background, in-game cut-scenes, realistic textures and the overall atmosphere.


I don't play horror games, but for this game i make an exception.


What do you think about this game?

And what things of the game, do you want see in TDM?







a No commentary playtrough:




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Those cutscenes, man, those cutscenes... Part of the charm, but I don't think so-bad-it's-good is the thing to aim for in TDM.

I liked the game, but I liked its predecessor even more. "Afraid of Monsters", also a HL1 mod - managed to be more immersive despite much (much) lower production values.

One thing AoM did that CoF abandoned is a degree of monster uniqueness. An enemy that you only meet once or twice is that much more effective than Generic Zombie #274 (even if it had plenty of those too). Even if it's just a reskin, even if it's just a slight tweak - you still won't quite know what to expect right away. It's surprising how rare it is in high budget commercial games, would've thought fear of the unknown is a common sense design principle. TDM achieves some of it naturally: an FM would have some single unique threat, which across many FMs translates to decent variety. Still, I don't think anything really caught me off guard, unlike AoM.

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Cry of Fear is just a Silent Hill clone. So, I think many FM's manage to do this in TDM better than Cry of Fear. I.e. without the jump scares but rather a genuine psychological thing. Creeping, disturbing maybe.

Mainly it's the Halloween FM's we have.


The real disturbing but interesting indie stuff is more around the Half Life 1 mod called Half-Quake Amen. Though there's also SCP urban story scarecrows. Most of them are decent and not as ridiculous as the Slenderman meme with the mute doll.

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