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Poll: Why don't you use Linux?


Poll: Why don't you use Linux?  

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  1. 1. What are the showstopper causes for you to not use any Linux distribution?

    • I am using Linux!
    • I am lucky with my current non-Linux OS.
    • My hardware is (partially) unsupported by Linux.
    • (Some of) my games don't support Linux.
    • (Some of) my paid non-game applications don't support Linux.
    • (Some of) my gratis non-game applications don't support Linux.
    • I don't want to invest the time needed to select a Linux distribution and learn to use and manage it.
    • I have another reason that stops me from using Linux.

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I'm not stopping you from creating Void if that's what you want. Perhaps it would be a fantastic desktop (and mobile) environment that works for everybody, and I would certainly be willing to give it a try (just as I have tried most of the existing Linux desktop environments). Perhaps it would become really popular, and displace all of the existing desktops due to its self-evident superiority.


But sadly, you're not going to find this out until after you've spend thousands of man-hours building it, debugging it, testing it, documenting it, persuading Linux distributions to include it and persuading end users to try it. And even if it does become more popular than GNOME or KDE, you're still going to have an uphill struggle to convince the millions of Windows and Mac users to switch to it, given the issues with familiarity and program compatibility that chakkman and others have pointed out.


Much as we might wish it to be different, people don't always use a tool just because it's the best. They use what they are comfortable and familiar with.

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To be honest this debate's becoming less and less relevant anyway, because desktops are on their way out — other than (non-console) gamers which need Windows for obvious reasons, and office users who will carry on using Windows until the end of time because it is the safe and well-known option.


Most ordinary users are using tablets and iDevices, not desktops, and if you include all of the Android tablets and phones, Linux is not only hugely successful but actually one of the most dominant operating systems.


And if this means we finally see the end of interminable "Linux will never be ready for the desktop until (insert my particular issue here)" flame wars, that can only be a good thing.


Your numbers are old. Desktop and laptop sales have stabilized:






I wouldn't be surprised if they decline further, but the category has life left in it. Smartphone sales are slowing down, and tablet sales have been low for a long time. The tablet is being pulled in several directions: e-readers, two-in-ones (laptops that double as tablets), and very recently, foldable phone-tablet hybrids.


Strong PCs and laptops will continue to exist for gamers and people doing real work on their computer. And when I say "continue to exist", I mean that sales are not going to crash to something like 10% of the current annual sales amount. Maybe 50-80%.

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Since posting earlier I came across an astonishingly-configurable taskbar replacement for Windows called Nexus by Winstep. It does much of what I described: configure everything I could think of plus more all at the point of use with good clear info where needed. Of course, it's not a complete OS or UI but it precisely defines the principles of what would make a good UI imo. One of the best-presented, flexible-yet-intuitive programs I've ever seen. Even an old cynic like me is raving to myself! :D And free (though I'm likely to buy the pro version with stackable bars and other goodies to provide a complete popup launcher.) Why I never found this before I don't know because I've searched for docks before.

I confess I was a little dejected at the responses here to my vision but now I see there really are people out there who see things my way. Just wish they, or someone like them, would develop a new Linux distro and change the world! :)

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