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TMD 2.0.7 nightmare on Windows 7 32 bit

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As the title says, I have been trying to get TDM 2.0.7 working on two computers with Windows7 32 bit.

Both have older Radeon displays, and the best I can get is a Mission Loading screen that crashes to desktop half-way through.

I have tried every tweak mentioned on this forum, to no avail. I can get TDM 2.0 from 2013 working on both machines.


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I know it sounds like an archaic work-around, but if all else fails maybe a small partition solely for TDM running Mac OS, and leave the rest of your space for Windows to do everything else you are used to on your machine?

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or from the other side,
(even smaller) install wine on mac os and run windows programs on it. (pro-tip: use frontend "playonmac")
or you can run windows 7 on virtualbox on mac os, to run tdm. (but that works very slow)
and tdm runs on linux distro's (on a mac) and the solutions above.
For more info, see the tdm wiki article.

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