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Sophisticated choice for player to be invisible

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4 hours ago, Obsttorte said:

On the other side we could see the suggestion of making the player invisible as an incentive to finally implement the rocket launcher players were asking for all the years 

Hm, I wonder whether you can actually do fire arrow jumps... 😄

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1 hour ago, Zerg Rush said:

I do not intend to disparage the work of the developers, on the contrary, I consider TDM one of the best games in my collection that I have been playing since the first standalone version.
Nor do I ask for a rocket launcher, or that developers immediately sacrifice every minute of their free time to implement every tiny glitch that may exist right away.
But if I can report a possible bug and ask why it is due, as well as suggestions that perhaps in future updates may be useful for some.
So far I have not had any problem with finishing each mission, although the light gem, at least for me, is not reliable as an indicator as it is now.

My reply wasn't referring to you. ;)

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