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Didn't Komag have a tutorial to get you going on the right track or was that for Thief 2? I opened DR & the user guide, but I'm at a loss. I have totally forgotten how the whole thing works. :rolleyes: I know someone had a tutorial for DR. I built a room and hallway, put some torches & furniture in, made Garrett's starting point. Stuff like that. Brushes & skyboxes. But when it came to flowing water that old system crashed over & over, so I gave up (10 years ago). Water was very important to that mission idea. This time not so much. Just one olympic size pool with a greek backdrop :) Filling it should be interesting this time around. If that works I'll also put in the horse fountain, if I can ask for help in creating it. It was bronze with 4 horses & stuff. There's a pic of it at the Newburgh library in New York. Well, back in 1987. It got 'lost', the fountain itself. My butt, it either got melted down or put up somewhere else. The thing was like 6 tons alI in all. Doubt it's online. Was gonna try to find the blueprints to the mansion in some historical place. It was built 1774. It's gone now. They tore it all down & built condos. Luckily I got photo-memory, so I remember the whole lay out as if I was there yesterday. Back in 1992 I built a 'smaller' scale bird house of the main house & the 4 wings. The birds liked it :rolleyes:

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I recommend that you at least check out the following mapping courses from Sotha and Springheel.

Let's map TDM (Sotha):

Sotha's videos teach you how to completely create a small mission, from the idea to beta testing. It also includes explanations for the readables and objectives editor.


TDM New Mappers Workshop (Springheel):

Springheel's videos from this course focus on the most important principles (e.g. on the Visportals), but later on then deal with issues such as the use of keys, AI paths, the creation of water and relating surface effects.

Personally, I had also worked a lot with Fidcal's Wiki articles at that time, but unfortunately these are a bit out of date in some places. Yet, the principles explained therein are still valid. So, if you prefer something you can print out, then the WIKi articles might also come into handy.

If there is anything you do not understand from the videos, please ask in the thread "Newbie Dark Radiant Questions" that can be found in the editing section. Lots of guys there who will be delighted to help.


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Please post your editing questions here as Geep's beta testing thread is, well, for beta testing his latest mission.

As for your questions: I do not know the Komag tutorials, but I imagine that Sotha's and Springheel's tutorials mentioned above are much more up to date when it comes to mapping techniques.

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