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Churchy stained-glass


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Happy Halloween, taffers.  Here are the textures from 5 of the photos I selected from that collection of photos.  Hopefully some of you mappers will find this useful.  I apologise for not making this idTech4/TDM-friendly out-of-the-box but honestly, it's been well over a decade since I dabbled with that engine.  I figure you guys won't have any problems getting that done, since the DDS files should be compatible, and the highMaterial file (you can open with any text editor) can be translated to an MTR file pretty easily.

There are 3 thin windows and 1 wide window that are supposed to be decorated with geometry, and 1 circular ceiling material consisting of many smaller windows that would probably be used as is, decorated with circular geometry around it, since it would be fairly high up on the ceiling.  Just wanted to mention that to clarify why some of the textures are the way they are.

So anyway, hope they're useful and happy mapping!




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You can easily take the reflection texture (rfl) and drain the luminance out of it to create an alpha channel for the diffuse, if you want a simple transparent blend.  If you mean 'casting filtered light through the glass' in a literal way - not in these engines.  However, you can fake that by using a lightshader with the luminance (lmn) texture casting through it.  There are a few approaches one could take to cheat this effect.  A more sophisticated engine is required to literally do what I think you have in mind, though.

I forgot to mention - everything in that ZIP retains the CC0 license, so anyone can use it for any project they wish.  Thanks goes to Paul Wellauer for the original photos and they are the one who should rightfully be credited.

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