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Gear availability in missions


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What is a fire shadow? Speaking of fire tools, I recently discovered Kingsal's flints which make much more sense than the mysterious slow matches TDM uses as default. Is that a relict from Thief? They are much harder to use, don't burn the players inventory and still work after he has been in water too :)!

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FM's: Builder Roads, Old Habits, Old Habits Rebuild

Mapping and Scripting: Apples and Peaches

Sculptris Models and Tutorials: Obsttortes Models

My wiki articles: Obstipedia

Texture Blending in DR: DR ASE Blend Exporter

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No Blackjack? No Problem; 'The Crate' works almost as well - so long as the taffer can hide in a shadow...

Yeah; I'd like to see more HARDCORE difficult missions forcing experts to use equipment (sparingly) than having a heap of 30 water-arrows at the end. (as you can't just sell unused equipment off to count towards a loot goal...)

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I always remove the swort from equipment in the shop at mission start. But I like it more when you can pick up the equipment you want inside the mission, like some missions allow (Requiem, Who watches the watcher, The Accountant 2)

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