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anyone here have a gigabyte x570 aurorus ?


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Built a PC for one of my buddies some years back, lately it started behaving rather weird though.

a year back i had to come service it because it refused to boot (no light in keyboard and black screen) reset bios and it worked again, then a few days back it started doing the same crap so reset bios again but this time it failed completly. It does power up but there is no light in keyboard and no screen i even tried flashing the latest bios with the qflash button but it cant even do that... it was newer overclocked and the cooler is a noctua nh d15 so one of the best air coolers out there (newer got about 35" celcius) so i doubt its the cpu that has gone bad. gfx card and ram also work fine but i cannot test the cpu as i dont have an AM4 board on hand. mounted a bios speaker to see if there were any bios codes but the speaker is completely silent to 🤨 also tested the PSU which is a corsair 1000W platinum model and it works just fine so ughhh any ideas ?.

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battery is fine and no bulging capacitors, the board is less than 3 years old so that would be a bummer 🤣.

reseated ram several times tried one block 2 3 4 same story, power cables are all good to. strangely the bios speaker does not even beep if i rip out the cpu or gfx card so my bet is that it is the board that is fried.

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still got rma time on it so ill guess ill ship it off the downside is that if it works for them then ill be better of just buying a new board since the repair cost fault or not is equal to what the board costs.

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Sounds like you have things handled.

I will only say that I once thought my motherboard was dead but I removed the battery and left it out for 10min so all current drained. After this, I connected my monitor cable to the on-board video out rather than putting my GPU back into the board. This allowed the board to boot properly. It seems that my generation of UEFI BIOS has some funky memory retention issues that can cause boot failure and only fully draining the power will let you get past them.

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left it out for a day unfortunatly this did nothing 😟 the ryzen 3900x does not support onboard gfx sadly but i tried a few other gfx cards but no cigar. driving round the net i see several mentions of problems with this board and the same setup i used when building it -> gfx rx 5700 xt, cpu ryzen 3900x, PSU corsair 1000W model so it seems to be a trend with atleast some of those specific components (the ram used were different than what the other users who had this problem used though there were also a few who used other types). Strangely up untill this it has perfomed perfectly fine and the only change recently was upgrading it to win11.

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well this is irksome in the extreme, it turned out to be ICUE from corsair f.... things up and i mean royally.

the keyboard my friend uses has hardware macro support sadly the latest update to icue either A does not work B BSOD's C completely destroys your bios in case it was set to UEFI only. Guess what my friends bios was set to sigh...

the problem is that icue writes a driver into the bios uefi boot sector (not the Hd boot sector) which gets loaded before anything else so a reset of the bios does nothing you have to reflash the bios to actually get it working again. Luckily the board has a qflash utility so that part was easy, now comes the hard part. You need to completely exclude the SSD or harddrive from booting then do a secure erase from another installation so it does not try to write the UEFI bios boot sector again, failing that start again from point 1. I think im going to sue corsair for the crap i had to go through to get this board working again 🤬

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