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May I Have Permision

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i want to use some images from your galary to make a sig with a Url to your web site for all the forums i use. it would look sweet and be a direct link to your mod on every post i make ( and well all no what a spamer i am lol ) it would give people who arent looking for a thief mod or even ever heard of thief to check it out.

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Which images? You'll need permission from the person who made the images. If it's any of mine you can have them.

Springheel's a bit more greedy with his though, he often refer's to the likes of you in terms of

'those little twats don't think they're going to get their grubby little hands on my supreme artistry do they'?

Civillisation will not attain perfection until the last stone, from the last church, falls on the last priest.

- Emil Zola


character models site

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