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Hey! I'm here, but extremely busy with work (auto show season). I look forward to helping out with more of those SFX in February. I will check back periodically, so feel free to ask questions or make comments.

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I'm still around, but work has dowsed plenty of my energy. I only recently made a few attempts on creating something, but as my current mood swings between *blank* and *exhausted*, everything I did sounds exactly like that :P


But those are lame excuses, I just need to get my arse up! :D

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Seems like most are still around. Well sorta. :) Still haven't heard from: Muze (has been gone for a long time though) and mrD (who officially resigned, actually, so no surprise there either)


Oh, it would be nice if you guys could chip in on the "Reorganize the ambients" thread as well. Still not sure what to do about that.

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