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Drumple is currently coding a menu framework.

Napalm has coded parts of a menu framework in the past.


Drumple has problems getting a custom cursor ingame.

Napalm has imported a custom cursor in the past.


The issues are many, gentlemen. Let's sort them out. :)

Work out what each of you are going to be doing. Gildoran is also permitted on this forum as an advisor, since he has experience with GUI coding etc.

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1st post!!!





anyways.. wierd thing just happened.. i was right in the middle of debugging the quit cmd on my menu template

and the power went out and back on... puter reset.. but it was after i saved the copy.. but what a freaky thing.


currently im building a template that will cover the whole menu layout, it seems to be going pretty good so

far. it will be a complete menu without the graphics in place, its to test and debug the whole thing, and the

graphics can be added in with proper transition effects after. off to the side of the template is a debug

window that shows the current status of the menu's selected and what buttons/functions are running in

real time.


as for the cursor, i read in a post by napalm that you just drop the new cursors in the ui/assets folder, which

i did previously, and thats not working, so thats one thing thats needed to be gone over.


EDIT:.. 2nd post.. i wasnt quick on the trigger.. :blush: i believe i have a txt file with the full layouts of

the buttons somewhere, i'll see if i can post it. it's been ajusted from the original concepts slightly due to the

actual number of options in the doom3 menus.

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i cant find that txt file, i know its here somewhere.. i might have saved it as an rtf.. here is a list i made of all

the buttons/keys doom3 had and what i based the menus list off of, we should actually get a working list of

all the keys that will be needed for binding's, and i will find that menu list in the meantime.


	backwards (backpedal)
	move left
	move right
	turn left
	turn right
	prev. weapon
	next weapon
	look up
	look down
	mouse look
	center view
	zoom view
	invent. prev
	invent. next
	quick save
	quick load
	team chat
	toggle team
	vote yes
	vote no
	drop weapon
Apply Changes;

Game Options::
player name ( dont need )
free look
invert mouse
auto weapon reload ( dont need )
auto weapon switch ( dont need )
show hud
show gun model
show decals
smooth mouse ( slider )
mouse sensitivity (slder)
Apply Changes;

Video Quality:: low/medium/high/ultra,custom
screen size 640x480,800x600,1024x768,1152x864,1280x1
full screen
brightness ( slider )
( click apply to accept )
Audio Settings:
surround speakers
reverse channels
volume ( slider )

Advanced Options::
		high quality special effects
		enable shadows
		enable specular
		enable bumpmaps
		vertical sync
		antialiasing ( off,2x,4x,8x,16x )
Close Advanced Options;
Apply Changes;
( note: these changes wont take effect until you restart doom 3 )

Defaults:: Reset defaults ( reset , cancel )

New Game::
Load Game::
load game ( loads right away... )
delete ( are you shure? delete, cancel )

Multiplayer:: ( ignore this field.. )


On New Game...
( loads IDlogo video, then starts the game.. )

onEsc in game::
Save Game::
( game list area of previous saved games plus autosave)
save game
( on saving over a previous game )
	( lists the game we selected to save over )
	overwrite saved game? ( yes,cancel)
load game
quit current game ( yes,no)
return to game


thats the basic list of what doom3 has, of course things will be chopped and other things


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no real update, just some newz.. puter has been acting up for the last few days... i heard a "POP" somewhere

in it, i wasnt shure where.. then it made a sort of hissing sound off and on depending on what i did, like

opening a webpage it would hiss and so on..


tore it all apart today ( since its relatively new, not even 1 year old ) and my power supply has burnt...


so i pulled some drives out and switched to a different psu i had laying around.. now im in the process of

cleaning up space on a 60 gig drive to move all my other stuff onto it for now including all my doom3

stuff... hopefully i should be up and running by the end of today or so..


its just annoying... so bloody annoying... but i dont think any of my hardware got messed because of the bad

psu.. just the one drive i had doom3 installed on would not be recognised.. i hope its ok.. i'll find out later when

i goto reinstall it and transfer my files.

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Sorry to hear that. Fortunately my only hardware failure, in more then 15 years, was a bad drive a few years ago. Ah! Forgot. I also had a burnt CPU, because one time the fan was breaking down, and Winowd 98 overheated it. Funnily, it would have survived, if I had Linux running then. :)


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since ive built every computer i ever had, i have endured many failures.. never a burnt cpu though... i

damaged one before though.. when i was lazy about properly securing cables... a cable had eventually

worked its way down and touched the cpu fan.. stopped it... although.. im not shure if it actually damaged

it.. it did overheat and shut down a few times til i found out the problem.. but every little thing that happens

can bug me even if no damage at all was done... like a power failure.. ( house ) after i restart the puter i

feel its not the same.. even though it is.. lol

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ok, well i have reorganised my drives now, i lost a 20 gig where my doom3 was installed, but i managed to

save most of it. new clean install of everything and im back on track. overall i lost close to 30 gig of information

but i cant remember what it was, so i guess what i cant remember is no big thing... although im shure one

day i'll be thinking "wait. didnt i have.. " and then i'll feel some regret.


but im continuing on where i left off with the menu's, have to recreate some stuff that got screwed up, but

overall i should be back to where i was in a day or so.

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small update;


im now onto the options windows and started the key/binds menu, but i need to know what ppl's opinions are

on if the menu should have all the binds and scroll ( which is what im aiming for ) or like doom3 where each

area of binds are seperated ( weapons/movement ) ect...


doing the scroll is no problem.


here is a quick mockup of it ( not refined yet )



the idea being the flourishes on the right side top/bottom will highlight when you mouse over

and operate the scrolling.


any opinions on what would be best/better?

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I think I'm tempted to say that I prefer the D3 method, since as a player, it means I don't have to look through the whole list just to set one bind. Perhaps you could do the D3 method, and use scrolling for when there are too many binds in one section to fit on the page?


PS, that looks really nice.

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The only thing I don't like about this graphics is the grid. It looks quite out of place IMO.


some of the grid looks out of place, its not centered and the corner flourishes on the left side need to be

replaced, but it may be the lack of anything else in the menu, this is a more packed one that shows off more.




but its not all complete yet, it still needs work.

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The transparent box should definitely be removed. The flourishes look good but the whole effect should look like ink on parchment.


I don't like the gears at all. Pak, I thought you had a batch of KFM's city art to use there?

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ok.... how about something like this then...




just whipped up that overlay in psp8, still havent figured out where to put scroll arrows ( flourishes ), but

its more like the other menu's.


i have been using kfm's city art in the menus, it's just for specific type menus im trying to make suitable.




at least thats what i was aiming for in the test menu, for example.. the Settings-Visual and Settings-Audio

menu's are seperate and have their own canvas to display what their intention is,




and so on... sort of like that. i am using kfm's city art in the menu's though.


although.. the images in those menu's i have displayed should be less obtrusive than they

currently are at the moment. ( the visual/audio ).

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some of the grid looks out of place, its not centered and the corner flourishes on the left side need to be

replaced, but it may be the lack of anything else in the menu, this is a more packed one that shows off more.


The outside and corners look good IMO, only the inside. The thick line to seperate ACTION and KEY doesn't look good.


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I'm still not convinced we need a box. Here's a copy of the very first concept image: menu02.jpg

There are some non-related problems with this image (colors, images etc), since it's old, but regarding the layout, I think it works without any containers or such.

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the box area is only intended for the key bindings menu, since as spar mentioned it's hard to see the text,

but also it would look odd if the key binds were present with no bounding or defined area.


the other menu's will not have any box area.

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ok, i have ajusted it a bit, and im going to try it with seperate menu areas instead of one long one, there

will still be scrolling, but now you can get to which area you want to bind quicker.




it will be something like that, better text for the menu selection highlights once i make them.

plus i shortened the box area up a bit and i may use the existing arrow type pointers it has already in

the center of the box top/bottom... add some highlights to it when mouse-over'd.


i'll try this for now and see how it works ingame.

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the other menu's will not have any box area.


Why do you need a box area for one but not the others? We want the menus to be as unified in appearance as possible.

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