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Hello there!


I go by the nick Spitter in TTLG (and in your darkmod forums) and I'd be interested in joining your team as a beta mapper. My previous work with dromed can be previewed from my site http://thief.interstellarburst.com/levels/, with the T2 FM 'Saints and Thieves' being my most recent and showing most prominent signs of my skills as an editor. I've used Dromed since 1999 or so, so I have my share of editing experience with it. However, I'm quite sick of it by now so it's time to move on.


As for Radiant, I picked it up a few months ago and I've been practicing it in form of a deathmatch map. I've reached the stage of an early beta release on it and I must say my interest in it is starting to fade, considering that the doom 3 deathmatch isn't exactly the sport of kings. Screenshots can be viewed here: http://www.interstellarburst.com/doom3/dm_totty.html and the beta itself can be downloaded from http://www.interstellarburst.com/jani/baet...totty_beta1.pk4 (just place it into /doom 3/base/). A word of warning: it IS still a beta, nevertheless, and it needs some cleaning up if I ever bother to actually release it. Hence there are some issues, namely odd disappearing brush surfaces (yeah thanks a lot for that, doom 3), no clip brushing (have your noclip ready if and when you get stuck), no sounds (it's a bit quiet) and the lighting in the yard needs work. Oh, and it doesn't really show up in the Create Server screen which is really odd and I have no idea what I fucked up in the .def file. All in all, however, it was great practice and I now feel very comfortable with Radiant.


Waiting to hear back from you!




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